Soulful Cash-flow

Hey Ladies,

I’d like to mention a subject we don’t often discuss out loud but it’s the clog of our businesses and lives: cashflow.

whether you are an entrepreneur or aiming to be or employed, Cash Flow is part of your life, We all need cash flow and we all have our ways to create it. But one thing is for sure YOU are the creator of it.

We decided to make money our own way as it suit us the best and created our own beliefs and rules around money.

At this point, I wonder if you feel and think as you read this, no you didn’t and you don’t like your money situation and you feel a victim or powerless. Or maybe you are the opposite and feel empowered and very much in charge of creating your money…. Well I can relate to both

When i was employed, I was an amazing money creator. I had my own flat, I was promoted and grew my income within an employment structure, i travelled and had a great life.  At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I actually avoided to talk about cashflow or evaluate its existence/non-existence in my business and life.

I was absorbed in this new world of discussing my passion, following my mission and vision and all that jazz but when a consistent cash flow failed to happen in my business, I started to dig deeper and educated myself about money and it became one of my passion. The nature, the value, the energy and meaning of money. Why?

As someone told me once, the way you do one thing, is how you do everything…. And I realised that cash-flow is NOT just about actual cash flow, but mind-flow, soul-flow, creativity-flow, energy-flow , love-flow, courage flow, lifeforce-flow and communication-flow… and anything in between.

This is how the cashflow quadrant (E S B I) has become a real tool for me to expand my entrepreneurial journey. And also a tool to expand my mind, my vision and what I could achieve in my life.

Let me share with you how you can use it too to make a big leap forward and create a soulful cash-flow in your life.

When I was employed (E), I had one income. I had paid holidays and paid travel expenses. The only problem was when i reached a point where there was no growth really and my salary also plateaued. I was used to new challenges and the increases in my money too. After awhile the job became the same and after a restructure of the organisation it was a stressful environment to be in. I lost motivation in my job and my only motivation was to get out.

Once I completed my NLP and Hypnosis training,  I took the plunge and became SELF-employed (S). I was a one-man-band business with one income and no paid holidays or travel expenses or any benefits at all. It was a difficult and challenging most of the times.

As I grew in my experiences and knowledge in business, I stepped up to become a business owner (B) and I aimed to create multiple sources of income by keeping my business options open and apply my skills, gifts and passion using different opportunities. I am always open to look at new opportunities, I never say things like ‘no thanks, I’m not interested…’ because I realised over the years that my vision evolves too so you never know what you may or may not be interested in…

In the B quadrant, I also learned to use automation so I can have the freedom and lifestyle business with online automated products and services.

When you’re continuously looking to grow, innovate and make business part of your life and have fun, you step up to be an entrepreneur. You are honouring your time and yourself and your self-care becomes priority because you know, all that you do is coming from within. This is why cash-flow is not just about cash but allowing your dreams to flow too.

And as I dissolved my deepest fears of success, failure, judgement, and most importantly, I let go of fearing my own power, I dared to step into the most expensive and freeing reservoir of the cashflow quadrant the I for Investor … I became an Investor…

I AM an investor

Investor of me

Investor of life.

Investor of love

Investor of money

Investor of adventure

Investor of creativity

Investor of people

Investor of gold

Investor of dreams

Investor of imagination

Investor of courage

Investor of joy

Investor of truth

Investor of common sense and practicality

Investor of self-expression

Because whatever you invest in, grows… that is the nature of investing.

And on this journey I gained returns of all of my investments.

I manifested intuitive ideas into reality literally from thin air.

I turned obstacles into blessed advantages

And I also made a 6 figure return on investment this year. Because in this part of the quadrant you go back right to the source and commit to make a difference in your own life and others. You commit to exponential growth.

So wherever you are on this adventure let it be called entrepreneurship or following your passion and dreams or finding your gifts, I genuinely want to draw your attention to make the cashflow quadrant as a tool of reflection and as a practical tool to grow your business and life. There is a whole lot of wisdom in there helping you moving forward and be the woman who you’re meant to be and become an amazing change-maker.

And what are my best tips?

Keep your options open – never say never;  never say ‘it’s not for me’ before you properly looked and listened; never say ‘I don’t have money or time’; never say ‘I am focusing on something else just now’ … ALWAYS take a look, so you can make an informed decision. ALWAYS take a look because you don’t know all the hows and how your dreams will manifest.  

Create multiply sources of income –  don’t rely on one source for your cash flow, having only one source is NOT cash flow. You can mix and match the cash flow quadrants as it suits you and your life, but don’t be  only in one unless it is B or I. You can be E+I or E+S or E+B or B+I or S+I.

There are four elements to your daily cash flow: income, expenses, liability and assets so grow your financial assets and grow you…!

Own your life and stand in your sovereignty when you’re going after your dreams.

Modern Goddess Moon Journal – Entry May 2018 Waxing Moon

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