New Moon Activation - Audio + Workbook

New Moon Activation - Audio + Workbook

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Although we forgot to consciously connect to the cycles around us and within us, each time the moon begins a new cycle, or a new cycle starts on our planet, or around us in the Unverse, a new cycle begins for us too.

Using this New Moon Activation, you can step back into this rhythm and align and activate the new energy within you. 

Prepare your mind, body and soul for the new chapter ahead of you. 

Align with the new path unfolding phase by phase. 

New Moon Activation is the five day period of the new moon energy. Two days before and two days after, and the day of the new moon itself make up these five days. 

This is the time to prepare your energetic system as well as open up yourself for the new ahead. 

You will receive two downloadable products to assist you each time the moon begins a new cycle. 

An activation audio and a workbook giving you a deeper picture and guidance for these activation journeys. 

This new moon activation journey is designed for you to use repeatedly to cultivate your alignment with your cyclical nature and the cyclical nature of life. 

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