Visualize Your Intentions


Your imagination is a powerful inner resource. Choose any intention, dream or goal and I guide you through to purposefully use it to amplify your manifesting power.



This is a visualisation technique I often use it for myself and with clients because it just helps you to really anchor into your intention, dream or goal. It helps your unconscious mind to really connect with what you want to create, and really align with your outcome.

It helps you to connect and converse with your intuition.

Like all the other elixirs, you can use this over and over again for as many outcomes, intentions dreams you have. Before you start, bring a specific intention to mind that you want to work with during the visualisation and then just let me to guide you through it.

Whilst doing the visualisation, trust yourself, trust your imagination, trust your intuition, whatever comes up will be the right anchor for that intention.

Enjoy and evolve!