Messages from women about the Moon Journal 

“I love the easy way of journaling this moon journal gives, and the connection it allows me to my inner self every day.”

"I love the Moon journal, it is a fast way to check in with yourself. Also, the fact that it reminds you of where the Moon is on her cycle and where you are in yours helps too. Diana’s prompts included in it make you think of important relevant things. Plus it looks great!"

“I have been doing the daily journal using Diana’s guide. This has really helped to tune into my heart. I have felt the shift in moon energy and have been sitting with my wise woman. I have an overall sense of peace and tranquility. Just observing and not creating stories!! My intuition is telling me to be patient and everything will unfold in Divine timing.”

“I can feel the moon's rhythm more and more in my life, and I'm right there in the middle of growing larger than I ever thought I could be, stronger than I thought I could be.” 

Social Media Love For The Moon  Journal

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Praises From Coaching Clients



“What a joy it is to work with Diana. She is so intuitive and easy to connect with. What I loved most about the process was being able to reach such a deep level without struggling. I feel my life has really shifted in a profound way with this work. It's intuitive and feminine allowing for restructuring at a very deep level. It was exactly what I needed in order to shift gears and release what's been keeping me stuck. Diana makes it so easy to pinpoint what needs work and then asks the next question that gets to the heart of the issue! She has keen insight into what keeps women stuck and how we can harness our personal power and our cyclical nature to get where we want to go in business and in life."


Mindset Coaching 

"To be honest, I wasn't sure what outcome to expect, but I have been drawn to Diana's energy and her moon cycle teachings for a little while, and I was curious to see how it could be applied in a business sense. I was very impressed with her approach, her gentle way of guiding, explaining and encouraging you to draw upon your own intuition to find the answers. Diana didn't just tell me what to do, she allowed me to work through the process and see where I needed to truly focus on. Diana gave me practical exercises and tools that I could use on a daily basis. To other women who are considering working with Diana, I would remind you that the traditional business model is focused primarily on the paradigms of logical, analytical, masculine energy and we are so used to suppressing the emotional, intuitive, feminine sides of ourselves. Diana's session will help you to reconnect with your intuition so that you can stop putting logic based obstacles in your own path and tune into the emotional and intuitive flow of energy that allows you to cut through to the heart of the matter and instinctively know what your next steps need to be. I really enjoyed working with Diana and look forward to implementing her strategies."


Hypno birthing Practitioner

"I spend so much time in my business it's hard to step back and get an overview of how I really feel about my work, what I truly want to do and how to do it. I absolutely loved the feminine, energetic, visual, multi-dimensional approach that Diana offers. This is cutting edge futuristic business coaching like no other! It was healing, insightful and inspiring. Diana has helped me to realign my true self with my business which means I can really progress. I'm excited to see how it all unfolds. If you have the opportunity to work with Diana go for it - she has a unique and very special skill set."


Business Strategist

"I had a pattern of getting sick often and was dealing with a lot of business stress and feeling like too much work.I was pushing and pushing to complete the tasks, not able to switch off from my work and business.I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who wants to embrace the feminine in them in a more powerful way!Her guided sessions were powerful and I was able to separate me, my business and my desires as separate things. That was an eye-opener for me.She dug deep to find the root that's causing the negative pattern and guided me to find the solution from within me. I felt relaxed and more in tune with the real ME!This whole thing was new to me. I wanted to learn more about women's cycles and how to best use that for business growth. I understood the different phases a woman goes through each month and the characteristics of each phase. I had some deep insights on woman cycles and how that affects the way we think, speak and take action."



I can highly recommend doing a Deep Quantum Healing Session for anyone wondering about it. I feel so much better since my healing with Diana, I can’t even describe it. I have found myself far less overwhelmed by my emotions and almost instantly after any anger coming out, I move straight back into my place of self awareness. I have done so much work on myself over the last few years but there is only so much we can do ourselves, even as healers. I am eternally grateful to you Diana.

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