Grow  Yourself  Through  Self  Love

An Invitation In Divine Timing

For you to make space to PAUSE WITH PURPOSE if you want to:

  • recover from emotional and mental burnout, depression and regain your spirit
  • let go exhaustion and regain your physical energy
  • feel happy and motivated in your skin
  • feel grounded and connected
  • feel you are enough
  • love and appreciate yourself deeper,
  • fill every area of your life with this love,
  • and turn this overflow of love into inspired actions, and tangible results. 
Yes, I am joining!

I choose the full payment of £1,111 for 12 months

Yes, I am joining!

I choose 12 payments of £111 for 12 months

You can begin your 12 months period anytime during the year, in your divine timing.

 When I think of loving myself
I see myself with open arms
I feel peace,
treat myself with tenderness,
feel safe, and ready to welcome in the whole world with joy,
I feel alive in my body, and I can breathe
I HAVE time and space for me, and for life to happen
And I have energy to share with everyone else
I am generally inspired 

But it wasn't always like this.

I remember when I first heard about self-care in 2013. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I didn’t know that you can do things for yourself with the explicit intention of caring for your own needs…!!

I didn’t even know that what I was feeling was called overwhelm and burnout. I just knew I felt so exhausted, miserable, and invisible.

In hindsight, I know, it was because I pushed myself too hard, trying to feel enough, trying to deserve my own love and appreciation and of others.

I was a high achieving, capable, creative, powerhouse, passionate person who could make things happen, and striving forward with so much to give.

Yet, I found myself yearning for peace, fulfilment, joy, time to myself, less struggle and more ease, less push and more rest, and more balance. 

Learning about self-care changed this. It led me onto my self love journey.

It gave me a mirror, in which, I could start to see me, and pay attention to me. It was such a relief.

I learned, that I had a feminine side and began to understand what it was about - our ability to care for our needs, nurture and nourish ourselves, and to replenish our energy, so that we can create and live the life we desire.

This is how I began to unlock the layers of my self-love. The journey of self love can give you not just inner, but unimaginable tangible results in your business, relationships, and in your overall wellbeing. 

I am still that high achieving, creative, passionate, powerhouse person but with boundaries, and compassion and love for myself.  

This journey has been life changing, and elevated me in all areas of my life. It just keeps getting better.

This journey here, can be yours to:

  • uncover and heal the root cause of your emotional and mental burnout and/or depression
  • learn to prioritise yourself and regularly replenish your energy and spirit 
  • unlock more layers of your self-love, and deepen your spiritual wellbeing
  • build a consistent self-connection practice and lead yourself from soul and intuition 
  • feel more grounded mentally and emotionally
  • know your body and be able to observe your wellbeing
  • understand how your hormonal cycles govern your mind and body
  • have a balanced state of your feminine and masculine aspects
  • let all of your inner work show up in your external world

How will your year of self love unfold

Self love is nice and uplifting at any given time.

But in this journey, we are not just after the momentary feeling of it.

We do it with three powerful intentions. 

ONE, is for you to use powerful concepts to take doable, consistent, accumulative actions, and literally be on your unique journey of growing self love.

TWO, is to heal and cleanse your belief system and emotional landscape from those things that blocking you to love and grow yourself more.

And THREE, is to purposefully let more love filter into all areas of your life, and turn your inner-work into tangible results in your external world.

The wheels of your journey

This is an intuitive path you are embarking on, and the tools, concepts and support you’ll receive will also be intuitive. This means that whilst you're going to receive specific tools, concepts and support, there’ll be freedom to follow inspiration in delivery.

This freedom will allow your a-ha moments and transformation to be more impactful, and to be your driving force. This is key, because the real power lies in bringing out  what's within you. 

Here below, you can read the concepts and tools supporting you during your transformational year:

Our Self-Love Hierarchy™ 

This is a strategy I will guide you through to progress from foundations to deeper layers of self love.

The Self-Love Hierarchy™️ is not an incremental like taking steps on a ladder, or measured in numbers. It is an exciting, and multidimensional journey where the layers interconnect.

Each element of the hierarchy gives you a clear concept to assess where you are at, and what action to take next. This happens through self reflection and awareness.

Healing Circles

I will lead powerful Healing Circle twice a month that you can attend.

The purpose of these circles are twofold:

➤ A space to share, connect, to be heard and seen, and to get answers and guidance.
➤ To sit in ceremony either at new moon or full moon to receive healing, cleansing, so that you can let go, replenish, and re-energise, and expand your boundaries of love and abundance.

grounding & connecting

Adopt a daily self-connection practice. There is a specific practice you’ll be introduced to for connecting with yourself.

It is literally a 2-minutes, simple practice where you let go of external pressure, others’ expectations, and anchor into you. Your powerful, magical, wise self.

This practice connects your female cyclical nature, the moon cycles and the seasons. It doesn't only connects you to you, but to life all around you and to universal energies.

Purposefully Pause

This is our guiding concept so that you can create your own pace, expectations, and rules of success and happiness;

feel enough whilst detached from achievement, or the amount of work, or external validation, nonetheless living the life, business, relationship, health you desire. 


We meet every two weeks in our healing circle where you can show up and ask your questions, and we have opportunity to communicate inside our Membervault portal.

Accountability is a potent element of this journey. Being and staying accountable is 50% of your transformational success. 

journaling system

Four Daily Moon Journals - one copy for each season.

Each journal leads you through three moon cycles completing a season so that you can tap into the wisdom of your inner-seasons.

You'll become familiar again with your cyclical nature and all the phases of a woman's life so that you can feel more grounded and connected to yourself, and deepen your self trust and confidence.


An online library of downloadable resources on Membervault to use whenever you want to support your self care, and to deepen your self love.


Everything is planned in a way so that it is an intuitive journey for you ,yet, there is clear structure to keep you consistent. This means you'll have a feminine masculine balance throughout.

Yes, I am joining!

I choose the full payment of £1,111 for 12 months

Yes, I am joining!

I choose 12 payments of £111 for 12 months


This self love journey is not for you if you

  • are looking for quick fixes, and just want to feel better on the spot to plod on
  • don't want a long lasting permanent change
  • not willing to be honesty with yourself
  • don't want to be supported and held accountable to stay consistent on your self-love/self-connection journey
  • don't want to leverage from your inner work in tangible ways
  • prefer logical solutions and don't believe in intuitive/energetic ways, and want it to stay that way.