As we heal our wombs
We open our hearts
And free our voices

This way, we also heal Pachamama, our Mother Earth 

Hello Soul Sister

I'm Diana
My mission is to call you, who believe in the power of the feminine and want to go even deeper than before into your own feminine aspects and powers.

I see you my dear one, I know how it feels to be aching to bring your visions, dreams and desires to the surface so that they lead your life.

Sister, you are ready for radical self expression and the elemental transition in your life by committing to your own healing and that is why I am here.

You are ready to FULLY open up to your sacred flow of abundance that you are here to give birth to.

Come birth with me sister.....


Release The Hold Of The Past As You Receive The Rite Of The Womb

What is the 13th Rite Of The Womb

The 13th Rite Of The Womb was gifted to Marcela Lobos, a medicine woman, in the Jungles of Peru through a sacred transmission from a cosmic lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering.

The Rite is coming from the feminine spirit of the Jungle. It is aligned with the 13 moon cycles of the year, and the 13 menstrual cycles of a woman in a year.

Sister, you know as well as I do, ALL life comes from the womb. It is the passage, connecting us to our ancestors, through which, we keep rebirthing both the joys and pains from generations to generations until we heal it.

The Rite is for healing yourself, breaking the chain of women’s suffering, and rewriting our story for ourselves, our sisters, and our daughters.

The Rite is for restoring and reigniting your connection to your ancestors' wisdom, and your ability to trust and follow your deepest inner-voice.

It is for coming out of the hardened shells and restoring your ability to feel safe to thrive, finding real pearls of life. 

How Do I Receive It

You will receive the Rite in a heartwarming ceremony which will take half an hour in an online Zoom session. 
You'll receive instructions how to prepare. 
You can contact me if you want more details how to prepare before booking. 

After receiving this transmission, I will share with you how to grow and nurture this sacred seed of energy within you by having some simple and beautiful practices.

I know that through the continuous integration of the Rite,  you'll open yourself up for more, to feel more, expand more, and to receive more. You'll be able to follow and speak your truth more fearlessly.

This is my invitation to you Dear One