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☯︎As the feminine has risen and is continuously rising, the channels are open for all of us to reconnect and tap into the collective consciousness of the divine feminine.

This podcast is about giving voice to the feminine and the wisdom she is here to share with us, and transmitting this continuous, intuitive conversation so that ‘she’ can become a part of our daily practical lives as much as the divine masculine wisdom.

It is part of Diana’s soul mission to give space, and voice to the feminine in our lives for the greater good through channelled messages.

There are also interviews with other amazing women who, in their own ways, integrate and embody the feminine in their work and lives, so that we can see the evidence, the huge range of ways, the feminine is already part of our lives.

Listening to these conversations can help us to fully bring the feminine wisdom and power to our conscious awareness, and identify it with certainty so that we can use it.

You will hear tips, wisdom, knowledge, interviews and practical ideas and resources on how to actually use the feminine in your daily practical life.

So why not sit back, relax and listen to find out what this episode has in store for you. Love and Light From Diana xxx

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