We have something exciting to share with you!

When you join our mailing list, you can enter into a prize draw running from 9th February till 5th March to win the gifts you can see on the image above: 

    • A Spring Daily Moon Journal 
    • An Inner-Spring Treasure Trove which is a collection of ceremonies, meditations and inner-journeys 
    • And your very own private moon ceremony with ceremonial cacao, which I will provide for you. 

If you have never experienced ceremony, it is a powerful transformative, healing, empowering action/event/tool to engage with. And dare I say, even strategic!

It allows you to:

  • strengthen your connection with yourself,
  • give yourself permission and time to purposefully 'daydream' and immerse in wonderment and possibilities that you wouldn't see otherwise,
  • find your way back to your confidence and true self.
  • give you the clarity you need to take the next step
  • hold the space for yourself and hold the space for others more powerfully
  • let go of your heaviness and lifts your spirit
What is an inner-spring treasure trove for?
You are in your inner-spring each time when:
  • the moon is waxing,
  • or you are in your pre-ovulation phase
  • or you want to reclaim the power and wisdom of Maiden archetype within you
  • or you feel energy and momentum are rising in you and you want to take full advantage of that
  • or you feel your intuition is nudging you forward but somehow you are hesitating and you want to find the confidence to act upon that
This is when you will be finding the Inner-Spring Treasure Trove resources an amazing collection of support.

Gifts worth a total of £161 

I will give away two of this bundle of gifts! 

One is the winner of the giveaway and the other will go to a woman who will refer the most other amazing women to enter the giveaway. 

So once you registered, share this page with others to enter and when they put your name in as a referee, you get another entry in the referee hat. 

Enter by the 5th March 2021 10PM UK time. 

Winners of the giveaway and the top referee will be announced on the 6th March on our Facebook page and group. 

The winners will also get an email notification.