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Close your eyes and take a deep breath

What comes to your awareness through your inner senses and body?

What is the state of your mind and emotions right now?

What message do you hear from deep down in your soul?

What are you cycling through in your life?

As a woman, you are on a cyclical, up & down journey energetically and emotionally by default. When you learn to flow with these cycles within you,
you'll feel more grounded and confident in your daily life.

When you recognise your inner-seasons, you'll have clarity of what you need and how to meet your needs. You'll know your rhythm and can use it as a daily life strategy.

This is what the Daily Moon Journals are designed for.

Your spiritual and practical tools to move with your inner-seasons through all the phases of a woman's life, both in real time and as a meaningful journey of growth

Daily Moon Journal - Winter
Daily Moon Journal - Winter
Daily Moon Journal - Winter

Daily Moon Journal - Winter

Daily Moon Journal - Spring
Daily Moon Journal - Spring
Daily Moon Journal - Spring

Daily Moon Journal - Spring

Daily Moon Journal - Summer
Daily Moon Journal - Summer
Daily Moon Journal - Summer

Daily Moon Journal - Summer

Daily Moon Journal - Autumn
Daily Moon Journal - Autumn
Daily Moon Journal - Autumn

Daily Moon Journal - Autumn


This journal is for you

  • In your active menstrual phase
  • Throughout your menopausal changes
  • In your post menopause
  • Even if you no longer have your womb in your body
  • Even if you use contraceptive methods

What Moon Awareness gives you

  • Feel more grounded mentally and emotionally
  • A simple and easy daily self-connection practice to be able to listen to your inner-voice
  • Have a more confident and lighter sense of self
  • Know your body and be able to observe your wellbeing and hormonal cycles
  • Manage your menopausal changes from a more anchored state
  • An overall sense of deeper self-awareness
  • A balanced state of your feminine and masculine aspects
  • An intuitive life-strategy  from the inside out to:
          - get out of feeling stuck
          - create clarity
          - and make decisions & take action

How the journals work

Focus on the '2-Minutes Daily Anchoring'

You have an internal rhythm that governs your energy levels, mental and emotional wellbeing, productivity, your libido and physical health. 
The journaling practice is helping you to become aware of this rhythm so that you can understand and embrace your patterns in your daily practical life.

The '2-minutes daily anchoring' is literally two minutes so that you can easily keep it up. You want to do this during the morning to set yourself up well for the day ahead.
You'll repeat this simple anchoring practice each day to reveal and follow your patterns. This will allow you to go deeper into your self-awareness and feel grounded and connected.

The Journal also comes with a moon calendar which you'll be able to access through our Free 'Journaling Mini Course' (see link at the bottom)

The natural cycles of life will guide you

Everything in your life has a meaning, and your mind naturally tunes into these 'stories' created by the cycles of life.

In the journal, the 'Daily Moon Energy Flow' breaks these stories down into easy daily guidances.

You'll have a simple prompt each day following the moon cycle. You can use it as a daily action plan for your self-growth;
or as an extra guidance to immerse more into your moon/cyclical awareness.

Flowing with your inner-seasons

The journals are divided into seasonal editions giving you more insights of how the different cycles outside of you and inside you are connected.
Each journal leads you through three moon cycles completing a season so that you can tap into the wisdom of your inner-seasons.

Through this accumulative practice, you'll become familiar again with your cyclical nature and all the phases of a woman's life so that you can feel more grounded and connected to yourself, and deepen your self trust and confidence.

Of course, inside the journals, you'll find a more in-depth, step-by-step explanation to make the most of your journaling experience.

When you purchase a journal, enrol to our Free Journaling Mini Course here

If you would like to have a nine months immersive journey manifesting your desires using the journal, check out our Sisterhood option here

If you would like more information about the journals, click on the individual journals at the top to read the product description.