A 12-month potent collaborative space for five-figure or more female business owners who are ready to let go of the distorted masculine business paradigms, and rebalance their masculine and feminine so they can create and integrate exponential growth on their own terms. 

Applications close on the
1st September 2021

You've come a long way but you just don't feel successful.

You feel shame, guilt and self-doubt about your success. 

You're in a pattern of hustling, over-doing, and over-structuring your business and life because you fear that if you change your ways, you may lose it all.

The external pressure of who you should be and how you should grow and expand is weighing on you and cannot enjoy your business on your terms.

Yet, there is so much more you dream of. 

Only if you could have the space, time and support to:

🔸 reconnect with and live the life and business you've always envisioned,

🔸 reinvent it all that elevates your mental health and wellbeing,

🔸 feel grounded and chilled as you take it all to the next level,

🔸 shift into a softer, kinder yet equally powerful way of living and leading,

🔸 and have the energetic mastery to become the most authentic and abundant version of you.

In our fast, result orientated world, the softer phases of our womanhood slips past our awareness.

Whether you realise it or not, these phases continuously change and influence your values and desires, your health and wellbeing, your needs, and how you show up in the world.

You KNOW It is time you support yourself, your growth, and expansion DIFFERENTLY

Explore these phases, allow the feminine to rise and the masculine to support you.

Open up to new concepts and ways that can elevate your path.

Tap into the UNEXPLORED POTENTIAL of your feminine powers. 

Heal the business traumas and turn up the sound of your inner wisdom.

Allow yourself to be a Wild, Wise Woman reconnecting with your female energetics, and soul.

Find YOUR answers, make the changes you need, and CREATE & INTEGRATE what you truly desire.

12 Women - 12 Cycles - 12 Evolutions

Our Wisdom Calls

Your year is divided into 12 cycles. We meet once in each cycle for a powerful group call. Tracey and Diana will guide you in two small groups with a specific theme. These sessions are deep, reflective, and insightful explorations to lead you on your journey. 

Your Kickstarter Call

It is a 1:1 deep dive session where we'll explore where you're starting from, what you want to let go of, what you desire for the year and set heartfelt intentions and empowering choices. Both Tracey and Diana will be using their moon cycle based coaching to help you.

Full Moon Gatherings

In each cycle, we invite you for a full moon gathering into a sacred space. This is about diving deeper into your feminine wisdom through grounding, healing ceremony, fun and connection.


Tracey and Diana are inviting you to join them on SLACK in a private community so that you can feel connected and supported, and for staying accountable. 

This is not a course, nor a step-by-step program.

It is a place to take your time, energy and joy back so that you can be, do and have what you truly want.

Although we'll provide you with a structure, and you'll achieve your intentions, it is not going to move in a linear fashion. We'll come together following an intuitive flow that is naturally aligned with your female makeup - harnessing the moon cycles and the seasons.

It is all about YOU having space and time to be witnessed and held through your ebbs and flows. 

A dance with your desires, cycling through resistance and momentum in a safe, loving and courageous space.
A cleansing and replenishing healing journey through deep explorations.

A strategically intuitive expansion allowing you to become your most authentic expression of self. 

A soul quest to FEEL, and breathe and be.

A powerful year of support and connections. 

An extremely potent container for massive shifts, magical opportunities, and receiving your desires.

You'll be guided by an intuitive, and fluid frame™️

Law Of Cycles

Law Of Making Space

Law Of Desires

Law Of Action

Law Of Receiving

Law Of Discernment

"l found Tracey at a time in my life where I was going through a huge transformation. I was facing  job loss, death of a relationship, and moving countries.

Tracey was very generous with her insights and I loved the fact that she allowed for open sharing and I always felt safe to do so.

I learned so much about myself, my stories and how my crazy mind works, and what to do to self soothe and separate the extreme emotions from what I need to focus on to help keep them under control.

I understand that emotions, narratives will always be part of our lives but it is how we allow ourselves to recognise them and to find different strategies to manage them.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to understand themselves better and who are in search of self-improvement to work with Tracey."


"I had a pattern of getting sick often and was dealing with a lot of business stress and feeling like too much work.
I was pushing and pushing to complete the tasks, not able to switch off from my work and business.

I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who wants to embrace the feminine in them in a more powerful way!
Her guided sessions were powerful and I was able to separate me, my business and my desires as separate things. That was an eye-opener for me.

She dug deep to find the root that's causing the negative pattern and guided me to find the solution from within me. I felt relaxed and more in tune with the real ME!

This whole thing was new to me. I wanted to learn more about women's cycles and how to best use that for business growth. I understood the different phases a woman goes through each month and the characteristics of each phase. I had some deep insights on woman cycles and how that affects the way we think, speak and take action."


It’s not just you, my dear who’ve come a long way, but we women, as a collective.

We’ve created so much more freedom and equality for ourselves over the past 110 years. Yet, social research shows, aspiring ‘to have it all’ has come at the detriment of our happiness.

On paper, it feels you’ve changed the story, and broken the chain, not just for you but for other women and your daughters and sons.

There is nothing that can stop you from going after your dreams.

You break through all the obstacles.

You put in all the work.

You are doing all the things.

You may even  earn more than your partner

Yet, somehow the story is the same, and you don’t have the freedom and equality you thought you did.

Join us to shift the approach of how you use the freedom and equality that is available to you.

So that going after your dream doesn’t burn you out

Or make you feel guilty or ashamed

Or make you doubt yourself

But make you happy, in the here and now!

The new paradigm is here.

We are calling you to LIVE it.

Are you ready...?

To  STOP relying on the old paradigms, let go of guilt, shame or self-doubt, and instead, trust and integrate YOUR wisdom into your path. 

To go deeper than the mindset blocks to dance with your shadows and claim your energetic power. 

To explore and integrate powerful feminine concepts and strategies into your life and business. 

To have space and time for you to be listened to, and to expand into your most authentic self.  

To focus on your holistic health, wealth and happiness so that you enjoy your success feeling grounded and fully alive with passion. 

To be in a circle of wild, wise women where you can give and receive with honesty and love. 

To follow the highest version of you to create massive, long-lasting shifts, and open up to MORE of yourself, abundance, joy and choices. 

“What a joy it is to work with Diana. She is so intuitive and easy to connect with.

What I loved most about the process was being able to reach such a deep level without struggling. I feel my life has really shifted in a profound way with this work. It’s intuitive and feminine allowing for restructuring at a very deep level.

It was exactly what I needed in order to shift gears and release what’s been keeping me stuck.

Diana makes it so easy to pinpoint what needs work and then asks the next question that gets to the heart of the issue!

She has keen insight into what keeps women stuck and how we can harness our personal power and our cyclical nature to get where we want to go in business and in life.”


"I did 1:1 coaching with Tracey.
I completed a worksheet before our session. This gave me a chance to think about the main themes I wanted to work on with Tracey.

During our coaching, Tracey took me through steps to discover my true aspirations in life and the issues that were holding me back.

She then helped me work out a strategy to address these. Throughout the session Tracey was open and actively listening to what I said, reflecting back to me in a way that made me feel I had been heard.

The work brought up some strong emotions for me and she was gentle and allowed me the space to go at my own pace.

I came away with a strategy to bring some more emotional balance into my life and some clarification about longer term goals."


Applications close on the 1st September 2021

Diana Haseya

Tracey Rampling

One of us lives in the UK and one of us lives in Italy.

One of us is Hungarian and one of us is Australian.

One of us decodes the intuitive cyclical nature we women share with the moon, and one of us decodes the astrology power of the moon.

Both of us are under the same moon.

Both of us love connecting with nature to connect with ourselves.

Both of us have a gift to see what holds women back and how to heal that.

We share the mission of helping women to let go of their distorted masculine and embrace their empowered feminine.

We should be competing.... right... in the old paradigm...?

Instead, we are uniting our moon power, coaching gifts, and intuitive business wisdom to guide our fellow women to create more freedom and happiness on their terms.

We are passionate about women recognising the power of going deeper into their feminine ways, and lead themselves to exponential success more intuitively, and kindly.

 "I worked with Tracey on social media/business strategy as well as mindset and emotional healing to be able to move forward.

 I experienced signs of depression, crying for no apparent reason.  We had regular coaching calls where Tracey listened and helped me to reflect on how I was feeling.

She suggested different activities that helped me, we worked on forgiveness, achievements and progress.

Tracey was always warm and supportive towards me and I gained a good rapport with her quickly.

As a result of my work with her I have grown tremendously in my confidence and self belief and no longer have symptoms of depression."


"I spend so much time in my business it's hard to step back and get an overview of how I really feel about my work, what I truly want to do and how to do it.

I absolutely loved the feminine, energetic, visual, multi-dimensional approach that Diana offers. This is cutting edge futuristic business coaching like no other!

It has been healing, insightful and inspiring.

Diana has a unique and very special skill set.

She helped me to realise how I really feel about my business and realign my true self with my business which means I can really progress.
It's a truly feminine approach to business which is rare to find."


Applications close on the 1st September 2021