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9 month intuitive business mindset coaching for female business owners to take charge of their business success with aligned action, creative freedom, and self leadership.


£177 per month for nine months (first week for free)


Pay in full £1593 and get a 1:1 Deep Dive Kickstarter Call

Do you feel frustrated, and somewhat isolated because you no longer resonate with the usual business programs and teachings out there? 

Do you feel you just don't fit the box (and heaven knows you've tried)?

Are you ready to grow and make a difference but struggling to find the support you need?

Is it not just about your business growth, but your mission and overall experience of life?

I get it. This is where I was.

Hi, I’m Diana.
I was looking for support to help me to create a more aligned, a ‘more me’ business and life, but I was afraid to break away from the ‘tried-and-tested’ ways. 

I fought with myself and resisted doing things differently. 

What if something was wrong with me, or that I wasn't working hard enough or digging deep enough?

But something had to give because I was on a mission to find a way to publish my Moon Journals and make them successful.

So I chose courage and let go of the old ‘sure’ ways.

I did the risky thing. I chose to lead from my mission, MY skills, experiences and intuition, and built my own proven strategy and you can too.

It was putting my mindset and intuition first that built my strategies, and business systems to reach my goals. 

This is how I published my Daily Moon Journal and a series of journals with ease and flow.

This is what led me to create another successful service, my Intuitive Business Healing Sessions.

Women always asked me after the sessions, how they could get more of these sessions because they knew that the instant shifts they achieved needed consistency, so I always wanted to create a space where this is possible.

The Aligned Expansion Academy is a 9 month mindset focused journey born from the collective power of the self-connection practice of the Moon journals, and the intuitive business healing sessions.

“I immediately gelled with Diana and finished the session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
I got clarity on the direction to take and reconnected me with my true desires.I really enjoyed the session and would highly recommend. I look forward to working closely with Diana going forward.." - Suzanne

"Working with Diana has opened up so much for me. I’m a woman who has always relied upon her masculine energy until now... Diana changed that. The coaching I received from Diana unfolded and uncovered the feminine energy inside of me.... learning to let go, trust the process and learning the power of the feminine energy" - Isabella 

EVERYTHING you have experienced in your business journey has been perfect for you.

There is a pool of wisdom in you as a results of your failures, successes, challenges, experiences and gifts and mission.

Is it time to let all parts of you out of the box that never fit in there anyway?

To do something that is missing from most of the business approaches out there?

Because for you, as a spiritually aware change maker, healer, coach, or author who deeply cares about the world we leave behind, there is a different way.

Here, you'll be guided by an organic and flexible mindset framework to systematically tap into your intuition, and creativity to build your mission, and feel aligned with your success.

There is not one strategy, one route of how to do it, rather, there are infinite ways to reach your mission and desires.

This, is not a business program or a course. Or a place to give you a ready-made strategy.

Instead of doing things on autopilot following the linear outdated ways, you'll move from purpose and inspiration to grow AND expand.
You'll be held and supported to let go of the external pressure, and all the 'shoulds' so that you can ENJOY your business as you grow it.

This is a place where you'll be grounded into your mission, stay in momentum without burnout, and fully blossom as a woman on your path.
This is a place where you CREATE your success YOUR way NOW.

“What a joy it is to work with Diana. She is so intuitive and easy to connect with. What I loved most about the process was being able to reach such a deep level without struggling. I feel my life has really shifted in a profound way with this work. It's intuitive and feminine allowing for restructuring at a very deep level. It was exactly what I needed in order to shift gears and release what's been keeping me stuck." - Kristen

"I spend so much time in my business it's hard to step back and get an overview of how I really feel about my work, what I truly want to do and how to do it.
I absolutely loved the feminine, energetic, visual, multi-dimensional approach that Diana offers. This is cutting edge futuristic business coaching like no other! Diana has helped me to realign my true self with my business which means I can really progress. Diana has a unique and very special skill set." - Kirsty


£177 per month for nine months (first week for free)


Pay in full £1593 and get a 1:1 Deep Dive Kickstarter Call

How Will You Expand?

It is true that you'll create shifts, transformation and tangible results much faster than nine month, but to sustain your energetic power, and fully unfold and integrate your creation and success is a long term game.

It takes nine months to birth a new life.

In your nine months, you'll establish a simultaneous flow of inner work as you strategically make space for the business and life you WANT.

You’ll find and implement the strategy matching your mission,
and settle into your own rhythm of planning and marketing to bring forth what you want consistently.

You'll approach your business and life with a perfect mixture of the logical and the energetic to achieve feminine-led success.


These calls are transformational and insightful.
We always begin with a short guided session with alternating topics and teachings to power up your business.

Then, you'll receive support and guidance for what you need, to be seen and heard with your challenges, and successes.

I would recommend to attend every week but you can choose your rhythm.


This framework is based on the wisdom of the natural cycles around us & within us.
It'll ensure you stay in an organic momentum and alignment, so that you can create with ease, and without hustle, rigid systems, or forced actions.

The framework will give you a connected system both for the inner and outer work. 

You'll learn and access the framework through the coaching calls as well as the resource library.


Accountability has two meanings in our community. 

One is about enabling you to build a self-connection practice using the Daily Moon Journals, so that you can feel grounded, have clarity, and hear your soul's voice.

The other is our inner-circle on Slack App where you can keep up to dates and share your love, wins, and  challenges, or ask questions.


One of the weekly coaching calls a month is dedicated to energy work.
A space to deal with your fears and doubts. 
A space to allow yourself to clear, heal, and elevate.
These calls may correspond with the full moon or other wheel of the year events such as a Solstice.


Business knowledge has many aspects.

This is why I have invited a small team of experts who can answer your questions about tech, or specific marketing aspects, or business know-how, so that you don't get stuck as you work on your systems.


We have a dedicated platform on Membervault where you can access all the replays, as well as meditations, inner-journeys and other resources supporting your growth and expansion.

You are in charge of your journey and energy. This is why you can access these additional resources to clear, heal and elevate as you need it.

Do you want to build a business for a life time rather than just a season?
Are you committed to consistently show up for your clients and success? 

Then this is your place here and now for you and your mission!


£177 per month for nine months (first week for free)


Pay in full £1593 and get a 1:1 Deep Dive Kickstarter Call

Coaching with you brought me to feel lighter, as if some heavy weight was lifted off me. I could see a way forward. Suddenly, the opportunities were just appearing in my life and I could recognise them and be open to them. Now, I have clearer vision and feel motivated to pursue it. I feel so happy and changed. There was a time when I wanted to give up and be my old self again. How easily I would have done it, as I did it many times before. Thank youDiana for your passion, determination and understanding. Your belief in me made all the difference as it helped me to make a shift and the new, confident me has been emerging. I am not searching for the change anymore but achieving it. - Zana

"I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who wants to embrace the feminine in them in a more powerful way!Her guided sessions were powerful and I was able to separate me, my business and my desires as separate things. That was an eye-opener for me.I had some deep insights on woman cycles and how that affects the way we think, speak and take action." - Sara


Can I cancel anytime? 

No. This is not a membership. You are committing to a 9 month journey of growth and you're entering an agreement to stay and pay for the whole duration.
Can I try it out?

YES. You can join for a free 7 day trial period and have a taster of how it works. You'll be able to check out the online resource portal and join one coaching call. If you don't want to stay, you'll have to let our team know BEFORE your trial ends and your first payment is charged. Otherwise, we'll take it you're in. Woohoo!

PS: We have a no refund policy. 
If I decide to leave after the trial period, can I rejoin another time?

If I pay in full, do I still get a trial period before I get charged the full amount?

When you choose to go for the full payment with the deep dive 1:1 session, you'll get charged immediately.
When are the weekly coaching calls?

The coaching calls are on Thursdays 11am UK time on Zoom. You will find the zoom link in our Slack inner-circle and in our Membervault platform.
How do I get my copy of the Daily Moon Journal?

Once you've signed up and your trial period is over or you've joined with full payment, we'll process your order and your journal should arrived to you in 5-7 working days.
Do you guarantee my business growth?

Results are depending on each individual case. We do not guarantee any financial gains or business growth. It is entirely dependent on the person who is accessing the coaching and what they do with it.

We are providing a service to the best of our abilities and intuition, and it is entirely the individual's personal and professional responsibility to use it to their best advantages with integrity and diligence.