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Hello, I'm Diana

My jam is helping women to create tangible outcomes as a result of their deep inner work.

I believe there is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows herself and what she wants, and then trusts her intuition to take inspired action to get it.

The clients I work with all have something in common - wanting to let go of shame, guilt, and self-doubt, and step out of restrictive structures so that they can pursue their dreams more fearlessly in their own ways.

My deepest desire is to bring more flow into women's experiences in business and life. More time, more money and more happiness with grace and ease.

Over the years, I've combined my business experience, and favourite holistic healing and mindset tools to serve my clients.

I’m a Quantum Field Healer, Womb Healer, Feminine Success and Transformational Coach, Divine Feminine Guide, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer/practitioner.

I help you to have the transformation & results in your business and life working from the inside to the out.

There are a few other things worth knowing about me.

I am veeeery woo. 

 In 2016, after my daughter was born, I needed to find myself and my mojo again.

I did an unexpected thing.

A full moon ceremony in my garden.

It was so transformational that I became obsessed with the moon. Ever since, after a lot of research and a lot of ceremonies, I have found impactful ways to weave the moon cycles into helping women to transform and grow.

You'll not be working with the moon using astrology with me though. At all.

I am the author of the Daily Moon Journals, which is a guided journal for a self-connection practice for women. Through this daily practice women can cultivate a loving inner-voice and have the mental and emotional clarity they need to keep moving forward.

With this journaling practice, I helped hundreds of women to connect with their cyclical nature using the moon as a shamanic, intuitive, divine feminine guide to tap into their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and their feminine gifts and inner-power.

And I am just as practical as I am woo.

I love taking action, moving forward, and receiving results.

I love living life and doing my business in a spontaneous, inspired way as much as possible.

Being near water, and going on nature walks are my most favourite spiritual practices. It is when I get most of my inspirations and get crystal clear clarity.

I love cooking, eating good food, and sitting around the dinner table having great conversations.

I am passionate about female empowerment and creating a new narrative for our daughters and sons.

I have a brilliant podcast called ‘Conversations With The Divine Feminine’

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