Super new moon on the 1st of August in Leo.

Super intense, super close, super powerful, super opportunity.

Super moon means the moon is very close to the earth. As this is a new moon, it won’t be very visible for us to notice the closeness but it’s there…! The energy is strong. 

This new moon is calling you loud and clear to focus on your vision, on your dreams; to focus on believing in your power to create; to plant new seeds; to dare to take a chance; to call in new opportunities; to take responsibility to live the life you want; to believe that everything is possible. 

There is nowhere to hide. 

Time to embrace the unknown, the new, the change, the growth, or the evolution you may have been feeling into for awhile but avoided or doubted or feared somehow. It’s ok, it’s human nature. But now, let the darkness of the new moon embrace you in a loving cuddle and trust that all is well. 
You can go for whatever you desire, you don’t need to know all the steps. Everything is going to work out. It always does. 

There is always a solution and You KNOW it. Your intuition is super charged with this moon. 

We fear the dark but actually, the dark sky reveals all the stars. Trust this dark. Learn to love being in the unknown, because when you surrender to the not knowing, you are open. You let go of control and open to receive your soul’s guidance. That’s all you need. 

It is a Leo new moon, symbolised by a lion. 

The lion is known as the king of the jungle, fearless. 

Be that king in your own life. Take ownership of your choices, and own up to your responsibilities. Trust that whatever you choose is the right choice and that you have the strength to deal with any challenges. 

Picture the lion walking across the plain proud, confident and defiant. Own your space in the world. Stop worrying about being judged. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, so let them have it and keep walking your path. 

Can you see that in you? What makes you proud of yourself? Can you step into the most confident version of you? 

The lion sits low in the grass patiently waiting for the most opportunistic moment to act. And as this new cycle begins, stop worrying about time running out or missing an opportunity. 
Don’t rush into action. 
Take your time to connect with your desires, set powerful intentions. 
Be guided by what’s truly important to you. 

Sit still in the grass, give yourself time to just be and hear the whispers of your intuition, listen to your heart, follow the voice of your soul. Believe in magic! 

This super new moon is super charged with the promise of new possibilities, fresh energy and unleashing a very fertile cycle so choose your words, thoughts, actions and intentions wisely. 

In other words, be careful what you wish for! 

Take your time and don’t let your emotions run away with you as you may feel super sensitive during this time. 

Contemplate, plan, envision, dream and plant new seeds.

Wishing you a very blessed new moon! 


PS: My moon forecast is not an astrological forecast but my intuitive, shamanic reading of the current energies of the moon. 
Also, your personal zodiac sign refers to your sun sign. So this is not an astrology forecast for Leo signs, therefore, It doesn’t matter if you’re a Leo or not. 


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