New Moon in Scorpio – 28th of October

Hmmm! This is as witchy as it can get!
A dark moon (another term for new moon) right before Samhain (Halloween) when the veil is the thinnest between the two worlds.

Witch actually means Wise Woman.
And incidentally, or rather coincidentally, Wise Woman is the corresponding archetype with the new moon.

So bring out that witch (wise woman) from within you and immerse in the darkness where all the magic, e.g. transformation, revelation, happens!
Be that woman who dares and descends into the deepest desires of her soul.

Let your heart tremble at the site of your dreams.

This is a mystical new moon where you whisper your sweetest wishes into the universe that is the ultimate cauldron where you can concoct the elixir that YOU need.

Beautiful Soul, what do you need? What do you want? What do you desire?
Don’t be shy to declare your wishes. New moon is a field of all possibilities but only if you dare to ask for them.

At New Moon you are called to connect with the Witch, the Wise Woman in you. The one who knows from experience. The one who knows it deep in her core. The one who can sense with her inner senses.

What is your intuition telling you, calling you to be, do and have? New moon is a time to press the reset buttons, to reboot your systems, to plant new seeds, set new intentions, to clear out ALL the old and make space for the new.

The Wise Woman a.k.a The Crone, imagine her like one of those wise old women in a village dressed in black sitting in front of her house and watching the world go by because she knows, there is no need to worry, things are coming to her. She stays still, she is not scared of time. She sits with the tension and waits with deliberation for the voice of her intuition. And when it’s time, she shape-shifts into a raven, spreads her wings and soars to the highest of skies.

This is what you’re supposed to do at new moon. Sit still in the dark, no matter how much your worries are surfacing, no matter how much you’re scared of running out of time. Sit still and wait for the message, the wisdom, the inspiration to surface from within you. Dance the dance of your intuition even if it’s scary.

Witch, Wise Woman, The Crone, Baba Yaga, Shamana … she has been called many names over the centuries yet all the same. And she is within you, find her. She is your wisdom, your knowing, your hunches, your intuition. At New Moon connect with this part of you and allow your intuition lead you to your next step.

And to top it all up, this New Moon is in Scorpio.
The scorpio, motionless standing on the dry soil in the heat. Waiting, taking its time just like the Crone.

It may seem the scorpio is just waiting for a chance that might never come. But it always does. And she is always ready to launch into action but only when it is time. This is what new moon is teaching you. Taking your time to get ready and only act when it’s time.
BUT when it’s time, do not delay!

The scorpio represents the life-death-life cycle, dying and re-borning, letting go to renew.

New moon, new cycle. What do you need to die to, in order to step onto your next evolution? Because you either grow or shrink, just like the moon, it either waxes or wanes, there is no such a thing as staying on the same level, or keeping the same position, that’s just an optical illusion.

So close your eyes my dear, rest in this dark, connect with your heart and feel the light expanding from there as wide as the universe and see from within.

This is a magical new moon for so many reasons. ENJOY the magic.

Right after the New Moon it’s Samhain and the veil gets thin. This feels like we get a really powerful double energetic portal to step into the dimension, the reality you envision.

And you have all the power to do so as the scorpio is mirroring it back to you.
Look at its flexible, streamlined body curving around let it remind you what you have within your body, your feminine creative power stemming from your womb ignited by joy, passion and pleasure. The darkness of your womb inside you is the dark moon that is a fertile ground for all your desires.

And at the same time, the scorpio carries the essential masculine support too as it’s stays stills and steady and its tail standing upright as an expression of unwavering reliable structure that you can build on, and count on to stay in place no matter what. This is the kind of structure to build dreams on.

This Scorpio new moon has everything you need to create powerful visions and set intentions not just for this new cycle but planning further ahead.

You are a powerful creator.

Go and set your intentions that go beyond this cycle so it can unleash an amazing 2020 for you. It is time to start to look ahead and see the bigger picture with this new moon that is reaching into Samhain.

2020 is the year of the Aquarian, a watershed year, be prepared for opening up to a new energetic era.

I am wishing you a beautiful, magical, mystical new moon with all its powerful energy.

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Love and blessings

Diana xxx

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