New Moon in Libra – 28th September

Very meaningful having a Libra New Moon right after the Autumn Equinox.

Equinoxes in general, represent balance and/or bringing things to balance within you and in your life. Equinox is also a time of gradual transition, building up to a moment of change, and opening up for change, for a new period, and new energies.

And right after the equinox, the Moon is also begins a new cycle extending the aspect of the equinox of building up to change, and in the sign of Libra, which also represents balance, peace, harmony and cooperation.

This Libra New Moon is really emphasising this energy of balance and opening up for a new period.

So let me give you a little practical exercise for this new moon using your body as the scale to bring things into balance:

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel into your inner-peace, your inner balance.

Imagine your left and right side being the two bowls of the scale.

Close your eyes, imagine that in one of the bowls, there is the best version of you, the version of you with your soul fully expressed, your healthiest, wealthiest and happiest you.

Now in the other bowl, put something you want to check upon such as your health or work or finances or your love life or your current business project or your relationship with a specific person, whatever you want to put in the other bowl. And observe with your minds-eye if the scale goes up or down or stays levelled.

If the bowl with your chosen thing goes down, ask yourself:
‘What do I need to add to bring balance to this situation?’

If the bowl with your chosen thing goes up, ask yourself:
‘What do I need to take away to bring balance to this situation?’

If the scale stays levelled, take a few moments to breath and observe this balance and ground yourself in it so your body-mind can become aware of the pattern, habits or choices that can help you to re-create this balance when you need it.

With each question, let your intuition guide you and trust the answer that comes to you.

You can do this little balancing exercise with as many things as you like.

This New Moon in Libra is a perfect opportunity to re-balance yourself from the inside out, and then, as the moon unleashes its new cycle, start to take the step on the path of your dream life too.

Following the moon means you sync with the best version of you cycle after cycle, after cycle.

Because to become and live the best version of you doesn’t happen in one day, doesn’t even happen in one cycle.

It is the continuous commitment to your evolution.

It is the continuous love and trust you show yourself, and giving yourself time and patience to let your life unfold chapter by chapter, just like the moon go from one cycle to another experiencing itself.

When you follow the moon, you follow YOU. The moon’s cyclic nature is YOUR cyclic nature.

It has the strategy, and all the steps, and lifetimes of collective wisdom to guide you.

With each cycle you grow, you learn and build on your experiences.

With each cycle, you give yourself a new chance, a new opportunity to keep stepping into the best version of you.

With each cycle, you give your soul space to expand and fully express herself.

With each cycle, you walk and live your path as it unfolds in real time because you do not know what your path, unless, you’re willing to keep moving ahead into the unknown.

New moon truly represents the first step towards the best and fully expressed version of you.

Although you might have some visions of the best you, you cannot fully see how amazing the best version of you could get…!!

So let the moon guide you without worrying about knowing all the steps, the moon can give you a consistent and powerful strategy to know what to do each day at each crossroad.

It’s a new moon. It’s’ a blank page. It’s a new day.

It’s a new you.

It’s the best you.

Happy New Moon in Libra! Rebalance yourself and start to live your best life now, it’s divine timing. ❤️

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