New moon in Taurus on the 4th of May….

Taurus stands for the bull, a sturdy, strong animal with stamina and four legs. This new moon is calling us to be well grounded in ourselves, tuning into our inner strength and inner stability. Holding our vision with determination and conviction. 
Trusting the bigger picture. 

New moon in general is all about starting afresh, setting intentions, connecting with our intuition. 
This new moon in taurus is about really stepping into our vision and explore all four corners of it, take your time to find the foundations of your dreams, plans and goals. Where is your passion stemming from? 
What is the fertile ground it is growing from? 

The bull is strong enough to pull the plough and get the ground ready for anything to grow and thrive. Do the same, make sure that on this new moon you take time to connect and reconnect with your dreams, so their roots can really grasp into the ground. 

You are that ground. 

Take time to make yourself fertile where all your dreams can be nurtured from. 

Nurture yourself with quiet times and stillness like the bull standing on the field carefree and planted in its position. 

And whilst there in the stillness, let your inner senses take over, with your inner sight see what is coming up for you, with your inner hearing listen to the whispers of your heart and soul, with your inner touch sense energy moving through you, let your inner taste inner smell intuitively guide you in the library of your unconscious mind and help you to reconnect with little segments of your dormant desires. 

Nourish yourself with food, water and sunshine and build your stamina and energy levels each day with something. We have many different staminas, emotional stamina, mental stamina, physical stamina and spiritual stamina too. How can you take care of each aspects of your strength? 

This new moon is falling on the 4th of May – In the Tarot, 4 is the Emperor (masculine) sitting on his four legged throne. 
What underlying structures are there in your life that helping you to create your inner stability and what structures are holding you back or keeping you trapped? Let the strength of the bull demolish those and with the same momentum unleash yourself into this new cycle together with the moon. 

Let the masculine be nothing else but what it is – support. And let the feminine be ALL she is when she feels safe and supported. With this new moon give yourself the support to allow yourself to create. 

Follow your desires, they are your seeds, plant them and watch them grow as the cycle moves forward day by day. 

Happy New Moon Beautiful Souls 


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