New Moon In Gemini on the 3rd of June

New moon is a moment of reset. 
If you ever feel like you had enough, or feel bored, or stuck, or what you’re doing is not relevant anymore, just allow yourself to tune into this moment, close your eyes, exhale everything and take a breath of fresh air. Reset. 
With that new inhale, call in new possibilities, new opportunities, new perspectives, renewed energy, new ideas and inspiration. 

It’s not failing to admit things aren’t working and let them go. Don’t ever be afraid to give up the things that don’t bring you joy. It’s courageous to start afresh. 

When you look at the sign of Gemini, it’s like a gate, a passage between two worlds, two realities, two choices through which you can enter this potent field of possibilities. 

Open up the gates of your mind, body and soul. 

Open up the gates for your desires and dreams. 

Open up the gates and enter into a new cycle in whatever ways it suits you…
Maybe you want to create a new morning habit or declutter your home or buy a comfy bed so you can sleep better. Maybe you book a holiday or change your job. 
Maybe you make a decision about something you have’ve putting off. 
Maybe you speak your truth. 

What would make a difference for you and help you to grow? 

How can you step up to be the healthier, wealthier and happier version of you? Because you are always more than you think you are. Your soul has no limits. 

Gemini is an air sign. Open up yourself so what doesn’t belong can fly away with the air, with the wind, with the breeze or a storm and make space for the new. 

The new moon in Gemini is also about balance helping you to bring balance back into your life too. 

Be, do, have little bit of everything you desire, never ever hold back because only you can give to yourself what you want. 

The human body is also divided by a meridian and we have two hands, legs, eyes, ears, lungs, kidneys, breasts, etc, you make up your own balance and wholeness… but when you look at each of your eyes or hands, or ears, or whatever parts, have you ever noticed they are a little bit asymmetric? Because to create balance and harmony you don’t need equal measures. 

Balance comes from being at peace with yourself and where you are, from acceptance of who you are, from trusting you are enough, from believing you hold all the answers you ever need. 

This new moon in Gemini holds the message that wherever you are in your life, you’re at the right place at the right time. And you have enough time to make things happen, to work things out, to reach your goals. 

All is well. 

It’s a new moon, a new cycle, make your wishes, reaffirm your intentions and keep moving forward. 

Happy New Moon Beautiful Soul

Diana xxx

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