Full moon in Sagittarius on the 17th June.

Imagine a thunderstorm when thunder and lightning is zig-zagging through the sky. Tremendous energy present and unleashed and you have no control over where it hits. 

Well, at full moon, there is tremendous energy being released too but you know it’s coming and you have the choice to direct this energy towards where you need it right now or just let it pass without making any use of it. Up to you. In case you choose to use it, here are a few tips. 

Full moon is about releasing with the intention for receiving. Despite popular belief, receiving is not necessarily about manifesting big cash or the likes (although it’s possible). I want to give you a different perspective. Receiving is also opening your heart and mind and accepting yourself and all that you already have without judgement. 
Notice, acknowledge and be grateful for all that you already achieved, created, made happen. 

At full moon, you can release what’s not serving your or what is complete in order to receive ALL that is already here. 

Release all your judgement, resentment, tendencies for perfectionism, fears and doubts and whatever you need to release fully and completely accept where you are right now in life. 

Gratitude – what can you be truly thankful for? The state of gratitude allows you to fully open up and receive. 

Light up your heart as you connect to the bright light of the full moon. 
Feel the warmth and love towards yourself and every aspect of your life. 
Feel the tremendous energy you have to love yourself and to enjoy all you’ve created in your life.
Use the energy of the full moon to recharge your own energy to keep growing and moving forward. 

This full moon is in Sagittarius, it is symbolised by the Centaur, the half horse and half human creature who is holding an arrow aiming upwards. There is certainly a magical, mystical, dreamy quality to this full moon. 

Sit outside in the moonlight on this summer evening and dream away as we’re very close to Midsummer Night, the summer equinox. Immerse in the magic that is communicated to us from the universe. 
Whatever magic is happening in the Solar System is accessible for you too right now. 
So see the magical qualities in yourself and in your own life. 

A creature that is half horse and half human is also reminding you to dream up the impossible. In the light of the full moon bring all your dreams up onto the big screen of your imagination. Suspend all your disbelief as this full moon is calling you to use your imagination. Let it run wild. Connect with your core. Feel what is stirring inside of you.

What do you desire to receive, to create, to experience or to be? 

Half human, half horse… We are also at the half of the year, what do you want to dream up and receive for the next half? And it doesn’t matter if what you want is totally new or doesn’t make sense, or unrealistic. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match your skills, expertise, experiences, available resources, or circumstances. 

It doesn’t matter if your dreams and your reality are like a centaur and they made up of things with seemingly nothing in common. Because there is a constant common element, you and you are in charge. 

Maybe you have many different passions, skills and experiences and you don’t have clarity how to bring them all together to create a business? It’s the perfect time to dream it all up and make your own magical Centaur of a business. 

Full moon is the perfect moment to pause and get clarity by bringing all angles to the light. 

Do you have all sorts of complicated family and relationship issues and you want to find an emotionally sovereign space for you? Sit in the moonlight, practice forgiveness and cut the cords so you can build new ones. 

Don’t be afraid to be a centaur, to stand out, to be different, to be you. Be whoever you were meant to be. Say what you need to say, do what you need to do. 

Use the magic of this Sagittarius full moon to create and receive. 
You don’t only receive when you physically hold something in your hand. You also receive by making a choice, a decision. When you commit to a way of being and living. 

Receive the life that is yours by daring to form it your way. 

There is one thing, I want you to remember though. 

Do you remember the arrow that the Centaur is holding in his hands? 
The arrow is in your hand, you choose where you aim. So whatever you dream up, whatever you choose, aim high. 

Once you have your aim, take action and let that arrow fly its course without judging or trying to control it. Trust your aim. 

This full moon is coming with tremendous energy, use it. ❤️

Happy Full Moon Beautiful Soul. 


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