Full moon in Scorpio on the 18th May

Full moon is the halfway of a complete moon cycle. You have so much time left to create! 

Whatever you’ve started is coming to a moment of completion, not YET complete but arriving to a point where it may be forming into recognisable reality. 

It’s forming. 

Maybe (or almost certainly) not the way you expected it to be but it’s taking form. So don’t lose faith but be flexible and be open to receive your outcomes, desires, wishes, goals and dreams. Don’t judge how they are coming to you. Let them come. The light of the moon is allowing you to see where you are, what’s working and what’s not. 

So make space to receive by letting go of any expectations based on past experiences and by acknowledging what you’re grateful for right now. All is well.

Full moon is a moment to pause, to stare into the cosmos and to feel your oneness and fullness through the image of the full moon. Let her mirror your completeness. 

You’re whole and wherever you are and however far you got is wholeness too. 

It’s a Scorpio moon which usually represented by a scorpion but the Scorpio sign actually symbolised by the snake/serpent and/or the eagle. 

Transformation is inevitable under the Scorpio moon. 

Full moon in Scorpio is calling you to be able to shift your perception between the big picture and the more tangible aspects of your dreams & visions and life. 
Give yourself permission, or rather, be courageous enough to be the eagle and fly high to take the higher perspective (and see the ‘hidden’ aspects that’s only revealed when you take a step back/pause), but also slither on the ground and use your sense of touch, and literally feeeeeel IT on your skin where you are and what you want. Feel yourself IN your skin, in your situation, in your outcome, in your vision. 

Keep zooming in and out with your imagination.

Keep zooming in and out of yourself, your emotions, your thoughts, your circumstances, your relationships, your goals. See both sides of the coin. See the polarity of your desires and circumstances. And see all the possible outcomes in between the two poles.

When you’re willing to zoom in and out and see ALL of you from opposite perspectives, you’ll have to shed some skin, because you’ll inescapably notice things that are expired, unnecessary or in your way. The scorpio moon will prompt you to lead with your intuition, detached from the outcome. Both the snake and the eagle are teaching you to transition from one state to another, and stay present whilst you transition, transform, or going to challenges. The eagle lives on Earth without needing to be on the ground, the snake has already a new skin whilst shedding away the other. 

Whatever transition, transformation is needed or already going on in your life. Whatever challenges you’re overcoming or currently dealing with. Whatever decisions you’re making where you let go of one thing and moving onto another, you can do it. Trust the shift as full moons are always good times to let go and receive something new. 

The full moon, one side is fully visible and one side is fully in the shadow, never appearing but it doesn’t mean you don’t have access to what is ‘hidden’. Use your physical senses and inner-senses to see, hear, and feel what wants to usher into the light, and what wants to manifest in your life. 
There is always more than one outcome, more than one way to make things happen. You can choose your approach, shape shift into the snake or the eagle and take advantage of their insightfulness, resourcefulness and capableness. 

What do you need more of right now to stay in the flow for the rest of the cycle, to shed old skin or daring to spread your wings wider to achieve more balance, or both at the same time? 

Full moon is always a chance to pause and assess, especially with this scorpio moon that so appreciates and understands the different perspectives. Be willing to examine any perspective that is coming to light from the hidden or even look for new ones. 

Do the work at this full moon, and prepare for the second half of the year with fresh views and insights. 

PS: if you fancy to do a little meditation/ritual of your own, you can download this free full moon meditation I created to lead you through the full moon energy: 

Love and Blessings 

Diana xxx

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