Activate Your Moon Power - We Begin On New Moon The 30th Of August

Why would you want to activate your moon power?

Three years ago, when I began to connect with the moon, I started to understand something about me on a deeper level that I haven't before despite of my many years of healing journey, releasing negative emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs.

None of the spiritual or personal development disciplines I experienced, or used taught me what the moon did.

It taught me something fundamental about my soul’s journey in a female body.

It taught me something that in our society was not obvious knowledge to me.

It guided me to recognise my cyclical nature.

It guided me to explore my ups and downs, my ebbs and flows that are caused by the hormonal cycle in my body.

It guided me to understand that it is TOTALLY normal crying for no particular reason, or feeling frustrated, annoyed, lethargic, crazy…

To truly tap into the power within you as a woman, you only need one tool, one guide, one discipline:

The Moon

The Cycles

Your Cycle

Your Cyclic Intelligence.

Your soul has a purpose and she decided to take this earthly journey in a female body.

The moon holds all the collective wisdom, stories solutions, answers and paths you ever need!

The moon is not just a beautiful romanticised rock in the sky if you’re a woman, but a practical tool on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Each of its phases and its perpetual cycles can give you every step you ever need. You carry it in your deepest cells.

It can help you to keep re-inventing yourself and your life over and over again as you continuously evolve and move from one phase of your life to another.

It can help you to build new foundations as we transition into the new paradigm of our societies and as the old patriarchal ways are falling apart.

There are so many unexpected events, circumstances, and challenges that happen in life and as you have to keep adapting, and dealing with everything that comes your way, the moon helps you not to get stuck in a rut but to stay in momentum.

The moon helps you to heal on a deeper level than you can ever imagine. It calls you to explore your shadows and leads you to your light.

It guides you on your spiritual journey and gives you all the practical answers and steps in your daily life.

It will help you to extract the power, the gift that’s always been within you.

Following the moon is following your dreams, your passion.

Following the moon is living an intuitive soul-led life.

      Hello Beautiful Soul!

      My name is Diana Adamko. I helped hundreds of women to connect with their cyclic intelligence through tuning into the phases of the moon.

      I showed them how to decode the intuitive messages of their body.

      I guided them to let go of old beliefs, release blocks and construct new perspectives to shift and transform their reality.

      Living with the moon activated my remembering and I know that the Divine Feminine is not just a beautiful concept but a real tangible tool for you as a woman in life and business. It is a powerful inner-resource that is there for you to use in your daily practical life. Join the tribe to recreate our circles of sisterhood where we keep sharing and passing on our wisdom and deeply trust and support one another and fully claim your soul's purpose.

      What would happen if you stopped getting in your own way?

      Let me tell you. Because I literally and metaphorically have been on this journey all my life moving from country to country, place to place, keep adjusting my path.

      I’ve gone full circle of finding myself, my soul and my path. I have found the work and life that I am here to live.

      I am a Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor, Transformational Coach, Time Line Therapist. NLP and Hypnosis Trainer and a Spiritual Teacher, Moon Priestess.


      This innate structure, your cyclical nature, drives all of us women.

      It’s been amazing and an honour to coach and support other women too to activate their cyclic intelligence, and their creator energy.

      Because for way too long we have been relying on old, external structures supporting our dreams, wellness and lives. Your cyclic intelligence is your inner canvas mapping out all the steps and insights you ever need.

      Your body is wise. Your body has a mind of her own. Your body is continuously giving you the signs through your gut-feelings, your core, your heart, and your cycle. Inside you, this intuitive intelligence constantly conversing with you. All you need to do is decode those rhythmic signals.

      Let Go Of Old Conditionings, Activate Your Cyclic Intelligence And Go Full Circle:

      ➤ in your soul-path

      ➤ in your work

      ➤ in your income

      ➤ with the partner who you were meant to be

      ➤ with your chosen family

      Which part/parts of your life do you most desire to bring to full circle?

      Where do you want to experience breakthrough, transformation and momentum?

      In which aspect do you want to recreate yourself?

      Set your intentions and join us to go through two complete moon circles to:

      ➤ let go of the old and to let the new emerge

      ➤ step out of the linear growth structure and experience the expansive and exponential spiral growth

      ➤ and become fully you on all levels and integrate it in all aspects of your lives.

      Right now, in our societies, a deep heart-warming, soul-affirming revolution is happening, women are hearing the rise of The Feminine, and tuning in to the whispers of Mumma Earth and Grandmother Moon. The wisdom of the feminine guided our ancient civilizations but it has been dormant for seven centuries, and now, it’s awakening in you. Her messages are surfacing with every breath you take and it’s time you take those inhales and exhales deliberately.

      You see, we’re our mother’s daughters and carry the past of our female lineage in our consciousness with all its light and shadows. But it’s time for us to let go of the struggle, the lack of time and all the ‘you’re not allowed…’. It’s time to rewrite our stories as a woman, own our gifts and live from our feminine rhythm. It’s time to live in flow with the land and bring our ancient feminine wisdom into our modern world, merge the spiritual with the practical… Join us to to be part of this collective shift. Freely step into the light together in sisterhood as women are carving their paths in life and business.
        The rites of passage of women have been hidden for centuries, especially in our Western world.

        During this 8 weeks program, you're going to experience your cyclic intelligence at work and will walk away with not just a deeper understating & awakening of your divine feminine energies but you'll be able to design and run your own Divine Feminine Lifestyle living a soul-led life, empowered and fulfilled.

          YES, YES! I'M IN!
          Join with a full payment of £222
          #1 PAYMENT PLAN
          Pay £111 X 2
          #2 PAYMENT PLAN
          Pay £47 x 5

          Take Your Seat Around The Fire On The 30th Of August And:

          ➤ Immerse yourself in the beauty of the feminine and embody your sassiness, sensitiveness, empathy and ability to be vulnerable and see your relationships transform.

          ➤ Open up all your senses and understand the symbolic messages and guidance of Mumma Earth and Grandmother Moon.

          ➤ Deepen your body-wisdom through your own feminine cycle and the moon phases regardless whether you're still actively bleeding or transitioning into menopause.

          ➤ Learn how to use these rhythms and cycles on a practical level to create structures for your business and life, to map out your productivity and creativity, and establish consistency.

          ➤ Go deeper into your female psyche than ever before and reconnect with all parts of your spirit. Meet your Magnetic Lover, Nurturing Creator, Wild Woman and Wise Woman within you.

          ➤ Redefine time and have enough of it for what matters to you the most.

          ➤ Break down taboos, let go of judgement, cry, share, laugh, feel deeply, be liberated and know that we're the same.

          ➤ Clear, release, heal, and grow.

          ➤ Build a trusting and supportive network of women around you, your sisters, who you can turn to and they're there for you whatever you need

          ➤ Find your fire, your sensualness, and lead your life with the power of your desires.

          Izabella Levey - Success Coach

          Working with Diana has opened up so much for me. I’m a woman who has always relied upon her masculine energy until now... Diana changed that. The coaching I received from Diana unfolded and uncovered the feminine energy inside of me.... learning to let go, trust the process and learning the power of the feminine energy.

          Zana Komnenic - Energy Field Healer

          After coaching with Diana, I felt lighter as if some heavy weight was lifted off me. I could see a way forward. I had a clearer vision and felt motivated to pursue it. Suddenly the opportunities were just appearing in my life and I could recognise them and be open for them.


          Lisa Barry - Copywriter

          At the beginning of the year, I set working with Diana as an intention because I knew how transformational it would be...I feel so much more connected to myself as a woman. Diana has taught us to explore ourselves and to open our sense of awareness to our emotions, energy levels and how they change in line with my own cycles, the seasons and the moon. This high level of awareness giving me increasing insights into how I can plan my business and my life.

          Ruth Miller

          I was at a standstill in my life when i came across an invitation for Diana's Moon Ride. As a result of this grounding experience, I am no longer stuck in a rut, feeling depressed, but am able to plan and tackle tasks in my life that are meaningful to me. I now live the life of a strong woman doing something meaningful for myself without guilt.


          Hania Zaki

          Coaching with Diana has been an enlightening experience... It makes you examine what it is you want from life and gives you the tools to achieve your goals. I could never have imagined how powerful an impact dealing with my fears and limiting beliefs would have on me.
          YES, YES! I'M IN!
          Join with a full payment of £222
          #1 PAYMENT PLAN
          Pay £111 X 2
          #2 PAYMENT PLAN
          Pay £47 x 5

          Join Me For Two Complete Moon Cycles...

          ➤ We are going to spend two complete Moon Cycles together to experience and understand all the ins and outs of the moon which is a powerful spiritual and practical tool for you as a modern woman.

          ➤ You'll get guidance, space and time to know yourself deeper as a woman.

          ➤ You'll create clarity, deepen your mind-body connection and have tools to balance your mental and emotional bodies.

          ➤ You'll explore your shadow and your light. You meet all parts of yourself, your four archetypes within you and whether you embody her or suppress her.

          ➤ Your inner-power will be tangible in your womb and you learn to cultivate the seeds of your creations. 

          ➤ I would like to show you throughout these two moon cycles to look at yourself from a new perspective, set yourself free from anything that is mediocre and doesn't really bring you joy. Live the Divine feminine Lifestyle and practice being a modern goddess.

          We are starting on the 30th of August 2019 on New Moon in Virgo (A very powerful Black Moon)


          Week two - waxing moon - be the inspiration for your own momentum

          Week three - full moon - all the shadows, all the lights

          Week four - waning moon - reflect, rest, recharge

          Week five - meet your magnetic lover

          Week six - meet your nurturing creator

          Week seven - meet your wild woman

          Week eight - meet your wise woman

          What You Will Get:


          If you have any questions before booking, please do get in touch and I am happy to have a chat with you. Email me at: or PM on Facebook at Diana Adamko.