Modern Goddess Moon Journal

Own this beautiful lush moon-juju calendar and guided journal.

Your cyclical nature is not just your period.

It is your whole being and stays with you throughout all your feminine changes.

Everything you need to know about following your cyclical nature and the moon cycles are broken down into daily easy steps that can take you as little as 2 minutes a day.

The moon is your external teacher and guide to understand, and navigate your life from your cyclical nature.

This moon journal will guide you through the entire year of 2020 with all the moon cycles mapped out for you so you can just walk your path.

This journal is a fundamental piece and designed to give you:

➤ A foundational practice to understand and follow the moon cycles and your cyclic intelligence.

➤ All the essential knowledge of the four main moon phases, and other cycles of life

➤ Daily simple guiding questions to use the moon to build your own divine feminine systems to heal, grow and follow your dreams

➤ The option for a more immersive experience to expand your 2-minutes daily practice with extra moon guidance on each page, each day as it suits you.

➤ A consistent approach to listen to yourself, recognise and take care of your needs and desires.

➤ To converse with your body’s hormonal ride, natural patterns of mood swings, energy highs and all your ups and downs.

➤ A feminine strategy for business and taking action.

➤ Access to our soul-sister community to get daily/weekly moon insights, plus, moon rituals, mediations and more...

None of the spiritual or personal development disciplines I experienced, or used taught me what the moon did.

It taught me something fundamental about my soul’s journey in a female body.

It taught me something that in our society was not obvious knowledge to me.

It guided me to recognise my cyclical nature.

It guided me to explore my ups and downs, my ebbs and flows that are caused by the hormonal cycle in my body.

It guided me to understand that it is TOTALLY normal crying for no particular reason, or feeling frustrated, annoyed, lethargic, crazy… Does this sound familiar to you?


My name is Diana Adamko and I helped hundreds of women to connect with their cyclic intelligence through tuning into the phases of the moon.

I showed them how to decode the intuitive messages of their body.

I guided them to let go of old beliefs, release blocks and construct new perspectives to shift and transform their reality.

Living with the moon activated my remembering and I know from experience that the Divine Feminine is not just a trendy concept but a real tangible tool for you as a spiritual woman in life and business.

I’ve gone full cycle of finding myself, my soul and my path. I have found the work and life that I am here to live.

I am a Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor, Transformational Coach, Time Line Therapist. NLP and Hypnosis Trainer a Spiritual Teacher, a Moon Priestess, a Modern Goddess.

And as a fellow Modern Goddess, I am calling you to join me on this journey to reclaim your goddess within too.

This journal is a manifestation of years of my own practice and teaching other women to experience the Divine Feminine Lifestyle as I decided to call it. Because it deserves its own name, it’s that important in a woman’s life!

As I honed my practice, I’ve identified all the best and most impactful aspects of living with the moon cycles which I am sharing with you in this journal. I also made it really practical and doable even if you’re busy or find it hard to stick to self-care practices.

This is not an astrological calendar. The moon is your shamanic, intuitive divine feminine guide to tap into your own feminine gifts and inner-power.

We all tell a story to ourselves about who we are and the life we live.

Just like the moon as it's continuously moving through its cycles, always unfolding a new chapter.

As you use the journal each day, you let the moon keep you in momentum, reminding you to move on from one chapter to another.

Building your life, your dream.

Consciously creating the story about who you are and your life.

Where could you get by the end of 2020 as you flow with the energy and momentum of the moon?

Use this journal to be the writer of your own story and take your steps consciously towards your dreams.

Izabella Levey - Success Coach
"Working with Diana has opened up so much for me. I’m a woman who has always relied upon her masculine energy until now... Diana changed that. The coaching I received from Diana unfolded and uncovered the feminine energy inside of me.... learning to let go, trust the process and learning the power of the feminine energy."
Lisa Barry - Mission Led Content Mentor
"At the beginning of the year, I set working with Diana as an intention because I knew how transformational it would be...I feel so much more connected to myself as a woman. Diana has taught us to explore ourselves and to open our sense of awareness to our emotions, energy levels and how they change in line with my own cycles, the seasons and the moon. This high level of awareness giving me increasing insights into how I can plan my business and my life."
Ruth Miller
"I was at a standstill in my life when I came across an invitation for Diana's Moon Ride. As a result of this grounding experience, I am no longer stuck in a rut, feeling depressed, but am able to plan and tackle tasks in my life that are meaningful to me. I now live the life of a strong woman doing something meaningful for myself without guilt."
Megan Newberry - Kinesiologist
"What an incredible 7 days! To go from feeling stuck in a rut and not really understanding what I wanted.... to now knowing what I choose to do, taking action towards my intentions but understanding that there is time to do this. That I am supported and safe.....following the moon is to follow your dreams!! Much love and gratitude."
Kate Bollanou - Women’s Leadership Coach
"So grateful for having Diana's session ❤️ I felt that my business was going down the wrong path, as I couldn't express what was truly inside my heart and mind. Diana was able to get past all the superficial words I used and reach my true vision. She helped me get realigned with my initial mission ✨ I'm so thankful for putting me back on track!"
Zee Parveen
"I would like to thank you for turning my attention to the amazing well of power within me. Your teachings and meditations have revealed another layer to seeing what was always there. This has been a powerful and beautiful revelation for me."

As one of my client said:

"Following the moon is following your dreams!"

If you have dreams to follow, this journal can help you to have an action plan, a strategy to keep taking steps towards your dream.

Right now, in our societies, a deep heart-warming, soul-affirming revolution is happening, women are hearing the rise of The Feminine, and tuning in to the whispers of Mumma Earth and Grandmother Moon.

The wisdom of the feminine guided our ancient civilizations but it has been dormant for seven centuries, and now, it’s awakening in you. Her messages are surfacing with every breath you take and it’s time you take those inhales and exhales deliberately.

The old structures are falling apart, we can see this all around the world in politics, finances, culture, environment and in our personal lives too!

2020 is the year of the Aquarius. A watershed year. It’s now or never.

It is the year to be who you are and bring your spiritual nature to your full awareness and live a soul-led life.

No better time to call upon the wisdom that is encoded deep in your DNA.

The moon and your own cycle can give you the system and practical strategies that suits your makeup as a woman.

I believe that when you engage with the Divine Feminine Lifestyle, you don’t just change your own life, together we have the power to revolutionise our societal structures that are no longer serving us.

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