Pre-Order Your Modern Goddess Moon Journal

Own this beautiful lush moon-juju calendar and guided journal.

Everything you need to know about following the moon cycles and your own cycle are broken down into daily easy steps that can take you as little as 2 minutes a day.

This moon journal will guide you through the entire year of 2020 with all the moon cycles mapped out for you with amazing Early Bird Prices and exclusive pre-order goodies starting from £20!
This journal is a foundational piece and will give you:

➤ All the essential knowledge of the four main moon phases, and other cycles of life

➤ Daily simple guiding questions to use the moon to build your own divine feminie systems to heal, grow and follow your dreams

➤ The option for a more immersive experience to expand your 2-minutes daily practice with extra moon guidance on each page, each day as it suits you.

➤ A solid practice to listen to yourself, and recognise and take care of your needs and desires.

➤ A consistent approach to build powerful self-care habits and a soul-led lifestyle

➤ To become acquainted with your body’s hormonal ride, natural patterns of mood swings, energy highs and all your ups and downs.

➤ A feminine strategy for business and taking action.

➤ Access to our soul-sister community to get daily/weekly insights as the moon moves through the zodiacs, plus, moon rituals, mediations and more...