…as the Lunar Eclipse blocks out this month’s full moon on the 16th of July. 

So ground and ground and ground some more. 
Grow your roots down, feel how you deeply you’re anchored. 

As your roots are woven into the fertile soil, allow yourself to be nurtured and nourished with all the life-giving-goodness from Mother Earth. When you dare to lean on her, and don’t try to run only on your own energy, you realise you have the strength to be your own light. 

Being your own light – what does that mean for you? 

What magic can happen when you give yourself permission to shine? 

Humanity has always feared the dark but remember this: the stars are always up in the sky, even in the bright daylight, but they only become visible in the darkest hours of our days. 

Grandmother Moon is giving us a huge gift during a lunar eclipse. Close your eyes, take a deep breathe and listen into this darkness. What is the gift that’s shining through for you? 

What is that insight, solution, vision, or gift that have blended into the background because of the brightness, but now, in the darkness it’s taking shape for you and you can become aware of it? 

You are luminous. 
You are magnificent.
Shine bright like a diamond. 
Light your heart on fire and celebrate. 

Extend your hands, and in your mind’s eye, imagine joining hands with other women around the fire who are also celebrating this beautiful moment. Feel how we, together have the power to create and spread as much light and love in the world as we wish to. 
Bring other women to your awareness who maybe need to borrow your light and give with an open heart. There will be plenty coming back to you. 

This full moon is in Capricorn and before I tell you more, an important thing to note: 
The Capricorn full moon is not about your personal zodiac sign. Your personal zodiac sign refers to your sun sign. So this is not an astrology forecast for Capricorns, neither an astrological interpretation of the full moon in Capricorn. So It doesn’t matter if you’re Capricorn or not. 
My moon forecast is an intuitive, shamanic reading of the current energies of the moon that I channel through. 

For us women, tuning into the moon is about tuning into our cyclical nature that stems from our female body. The moon mirrors our cyclical journey. It helps us to understand what is going on within us throughout our own cycle, and how we go through our ups and downs, ebbs and flows… We are constantly on a ride, hormonal ride, emotional ride, energy level ride, basically on a ‘moon ride’. 

So what Capricorn brings to this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse? 
Capricorn’s symbol is the mountain goat, or the ‘sea-goat’, more precisely, the hoof of a goat and the tail of a fish. 

This may be a lunar eclipse but you still get all the powers of the full moon. 

Did you know that goats can climb trees? Yeah! So rest assured you can manifest anything, you have the agility to achieve what you desire, just apply yourself like the clever tree-climbing goats. Get the juiciest leaves, i.e. your outcomes, from the top of the tree. Bring in your goods. 

But remember, even though climbing a tree with four hooves will require your focus, attention and commitment, this full moon reminds you that you can get there, no matter what your vision is. 

But this goat doesn’t just have hooves. It’s a magical goat with a fish tail. 

What would happen if you were half & half too, and you had a fishtail? Yep, you would be a mermaid. You would be magical. Hang on. You ARE magical!

Your hooves can help you to stand steady on the ground and feel rooted during all these energies and your fish tail allows you to be fluid and flexible. So don’t get attached to ideas as in how to manifest what you want, let it happen. Accept all shapes and forms. 

Whatever emotion trapped in your system or intensified with the full moon, stomp it out with your hooves or splash it out with your tail. Don’t get derailed by your emotional ups and downs. They are emotions, energy in motion, they are meant to be moving so help them by moving your physical body. 
Dance under the moon outside in the summer breeze. YES Sister! 

Be your own light, take ownership of yourself and of your life. 

This little sea-goat reminds you that you are capable beyond measures, you are resilient and graceful at the same time. 

I see you. 

I see your light shining in the dark.

I believe in you. Borrow my belief if you need to and TRUST that All Is Well as the full moon reminds you of your fullness and your wholeness. 

Full moon is a moment in time to pause and celebrate all of yourself. There is nothing else but you in your magnificence, so let everything else to melt into the darkness to be transmuted into something new. 

At full moon, we are only half way through the cycle, you still have plenty of time to get your desired outcomes. 

Trust, shine, open and act from joy. 

All my love

Diana xxx

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