Sisterhood Is Encoded In Us

This notion of women’s menstrual cycles synchronising when they are in the same space for a period of time used to freak me out completely!

In fact, although I used to work in education, very female dominated area, I don’t think our menstrual cycles ever had a chance to synchronise though because we were sooooo in our masculine…

One of the reason why I wanted to leave my 9-5 corporate job many many years ago because I thought I had enough of my own gender… And in hindsight, what I really had enough was being in my masculine and denying my feminine.

When started my business and started to go to networking events, I enjoyed being in a room of thirty men and two-three of us women. I could take a break from ‘being a man’.

This is how my journey began to reclaim my feminine and reclaim ME.

I discovered that I actually LOVED being with women and that it was possible to be powerful and be a leader without me turning into a man…

In native tribes the women gather in the red tent when they bleed and they do bleed together.

Imagine that beautiful synchronicity.

Their minds, bodies and souls are connected.

Their flow of energy is moving as one.

Imagine its power as they let go together and release their insights together as one into the physical world through accessing their body-wisdom in a collective stream.

When their time is done, the men are waiting for them to share the wisdom they received so they can plan for the tribe….

I cannot imagine anything more magnificent than women being so closely connected to each other, collaborating and using their wisdom for the benefit of all, fulfilling their roles of nurturing their tribes through their intuitive gifts and being the weavers of the story of their communities.

And the foundation of this all is that they have the same cyclical nature as Mumma Earth and when they use that, magic happens, LIFE happens as it meant to.

It gives me goosebumps to think about the magnitude of the power of the feminine.

I came full circle from wanting to give up on my own gender to being totally in awe of our gifts.

And I truly believe that the most important we, women can do is to reclaim our ancient wisdom, to build our sisterhoods back together, our intimate connections and deepest trusts, collaborate and support each other, revive and reclaim our communities and weave new stories for the sake of all men and women.

I want to call you to practice your feminine gifts and harness your body-wisdom whilst connected to your sisters to really step into your power.

Modern Goddess Moon Journal – Entry: April 2019 Waning Moon

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