New moon in Virgo 30th August.

This is a Super Moon as the moon is closest to Earth.

As this is the second new moon in the same month, it’s called a Black Moon.

It’s in Virgo – The Virgin – The Black Madonna.

It’s a Super-new-black-virgo-virgin/blackmadonna-moon.

This New moon is carrying so many messages for us. Let’s dive in and extract them.

So light a candle, stay still, sit under this dark, dark moon, close your eyes and listen within.

Descend into the unknown even if it feels uncomfortable and TRUST your inner-guidance. It’s so dark around you anyway that the answers cannot come from the external. Surrender to your own knowing. You’ve got this.

The only true and available guidance is your inner voice, your inner sight, your inner senses.

Turn up the volume of your soul’s speak. Let everything else fade into the darkness.

New moon is about new beginnings, giving yourself permission to wipe the slate clean and starting afresh, re-energising, pressing the reset button, connecting with your dreams and take time to envision what you desire and let your intuition guide you. 
And as It’s a super new moon as the moon is closest to Earth so all of these meanings are amplified.

It’s a Virgo moon – The Virgin

The original meaning of Virgin is an independent woman.

The Virgin is one of the four moon archetypes of your female psyche.

She is the part of you who is energetic, independent, confident, open-minded and open-hearted, ready for adventure and ready to make decisions.

She is the part of you who is magnetic. Lover of life.

The part of you who is courageous, adventurous and willing to explore.

The Virgin is the lover who is ready and open to herself and others, even if it makes her vulnerable.

She is open for change.

This Virgo Super New Moon is calling you to be all that you are. Embrace the part of you that dares. Fully open up to your soul’s purpose and be magnetic to magical solutions.

This Super-new-black-virgo-virgin/blackmadonna-moon is as intense and powerful as a full moon.

And although there is darkness, there is nowhere to hide. You are called out to step onto your path, allow your wildest dreams burst into your awareness and supercharge yourself with its energy to move forward one step at a time.

Let your intuition rule.

Be Alive. 
Begin from the guidance that is gradually appearing from the darkness, from the unknown.

Begin living with the moon as the Black Madonna reminds us of our sacred sisterhood, our divine feminine powers.

Rise sister, rise with this new moon and take charge of your life.

Make your choices, ask your sisters to support you, connect to The Virgin within you.

Although this new moon has tremendous energy, you do not want to rush things.

Take time out, sit, breathe and be and let it all unfold.

The guidance you receive from this energy is not just for this cycle but calling you to see the bigger picture, to see further than just this year and begin envisioning for 2020 so take your time, sit, breathe and be and let it unfold.

Many blessings goddess


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