New Moon In Sagittarius – 26th of November

New moons are all about new possibilities, starting afresh, aligning your heart and mind to recognise that ALL IS POSSIBLE, that you ARE the dreamer of the dream and the creator of your own path. This may feel daunting at times but also very liberating because there is nothing you have to put up with.
You always have the choice of who you want to be, how you want to live, love and what you want to do and have.
Can you believe in this in the depths of your heart?

This Sagittarius New Moon can support you to take this belief deeper.

Sagittarius amplifies the portal of the new moon to new possibilities and a fresh start as it is a fire sign and carries the energy of adventure, expansion, taking a leap, moving forward & upward.

It is represented by an archer or a centaur with an arrow pointing upwards.
Sagittarius new moon is calling you to connect with your highest vision for your life. When you set your intentions this new moon, aim as high as the moon and the stars.

Believe in all your potential.
When the moon is is Sagittarius, the centaur, this mythical magical creature reminds you that the power of your belief can make anything happen.

And it doesn’t matter where you are, how your life looks like right now compared to your highest vision. It doesn’t matter if it is all a mismatch just like the two halves of the centaur. Spend this new moon to tune into and visualize your highest vision to bridge the gap.
This new moon is inviting you to take a leap towards it, to shoot across the gap.

So take this new moon seriously. I mean, really spend time to converse with your soul, and listen to your intuitive ideas and hunches so it can guide your next step.

Recognise how you benefit from the darkness, how it’s helping you to stay still and listen to your inner-narrative, and see with your inner-vision. What is emerging from deep within your womb? What seeds are you called to plant and nurture?

Sagittarius is a fire sign giving you the light in the dark. What does this light mean for you? Hope, love, guidance, comfort, strength…?

What is it igniting in you?

Let the vision form. And whilst you are turning your attention to your highest vision, your biggest dreams as the arrow guiding you upwards, remember that without steadily standing on the ground, you can still miss your aim.
This simply means that don’t rush this process and don’t underestimate its power.
Indulge in this process, take your time to set your intentions, enjoy connecting with your soul, immerse in this stillness without any FOMO.

Contemplate, ponder, reflect, and envision.

The more you surrender to the period of the new moon, the better you can harness it.

This is the time of input to gather all the energy for your output.

If you have your period during a new moon, it means your body is really calling you to embrace this phase and its energy. Your soul especially needs to connect with this phase. So let it be.

Don’t rush to take external actions, let this new moon fulfill its purpose in your life. It has the power to unleash a new chapter, a new reality if you are willing.

You don’t need to worry that you miss this potent portal, there is always more time than you make yourself believe.
New moon energy is not only around for one day. Engage with the two pre new moon and the two post new moon days as well as the day of the new moon.

You can spread out your new moon activities and rituals over a period of these five days to make it fit your life and your needs.

Whether you set new intentions or reaffirming existing ones or both at this new moon, as you are constantly evolving, there is no shame in changing your mind or your directions. This is what the dark moon is forever reminding us of as it regularly arrives in every 29 days. No intentions, dreams or goals are forever without regularly relefting on them. And no intentions, dreams or goals can come true without tuning into them and nurturing them on the energetic level.

So do this under this beautiful, daring, and highly intuitive Sagittarius New Moon.

New Moon Blessings From Me To You!

And as a bonus blessing, click here for a new moon meditation.


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