New Moon in Cancer AND Solar Eclipse on the 2nd of July!

What an amazing cosmic opening.

Dear One, I don’t even know where to begin to tell you the magic and awesomeness that is unfolding. I have so much to share with you.

First of all, let’s talk about the eclipse. Solar eclipse happens when the Moon, the Earth and the Sun in a straight line, in total alignment.

The moon block out the sunshine for a few minutes creating darkness. This total eclipse can be observed from some parts of South America which doesn’t mean it’s not happening to you if you live somewhere else. This is a cosmic event and as long as Earth is in the cosmos (which it is) and you are on it (which you are), you are part of this.

Usually the sun rules the light of the moon, but during a solar eclipse the moon rules the light. What a significant shift, even if only for 7 minutes or so!

What would such a shift mean for you in your life, in any aspect of your life?

What would it look like?

What would it feel like?

In which aspect of your life you desire a shift? In your relationship, business/work, health, finances, personal growth, family?

Shifts and changes can happen fast.

We humans usually fear the unknown or any change. The eclipse is like pressing the reset button. The solar eclipse counts on our courage and drops us into the dark, calls us to face the unknown, the uncertain, and challenges us to get on with the changes we know deep down it’s time to make.

New moon is always a moment of darkness and now with the eclipse the window of opportunity is even more powerful.

New moon usually means ALL is possibilities, and with the eclipse together, the door is even wider for all the new and fresh to come into your life. But you have to embrace it and walk through that door by setting intentions, planting seeds, making choices and committing to them.

TRUST the divine plan. All is aligned for you to move with this energy.

On top of all of this, the moon is in Cancer. Wow!

Cancer is symbolised by a crab or the number 69 sideways ♋️.

The crab brings quite a remarkable energy to the eclipse/new moon.

As the crab has its tough protective outer shield, and some sharp claws, you can walk through this energetic passage, this moment of change safely.

If you have been shuffling from foot to foot on the same spot, procrastinating, feeling stuck, this is the time to make a move even if you have no idea what’s going to come after that.

Even if you’re not quite sure what the move is, make a move. This move can be anything, setting a new intention, exploring your options, drawing a line under something, stop avoiding confrontation and speaking your mind, quitting your job, leaving your relationship, cutting cords with a friend, spending some money, going on a holiday, getting engaged, repainting your bedroom, buying a bunch of flowers for your living room, reading a new book to get inspired … small move or big move, doesn’t matter, just move. You’re safe, protected, all doors are open for you, go through them.

The crab doesn’t go backwards and forwards, it goes sideways.

So you stop going forward and backward too and choose what you need to choose and embrace the unknown.

It doesn’t mean you need to make final decisions, be like the crab stepping sideways, being playful, it could be this way or that way. Explore your options because you have them! This is what this eclipse and new moon brings. Opportunities, options, possibilities, fresh ideas, new energies, going back to the drawing boards and reset, start afresh. Once you’re sure and explored your options, communicate your choices, take action.

This ♋️ symbol said to represent a woman’s breast, cancer symbolises womanhood and motherhood. It can symbolise yin and yang, duality, harmony and balance.

So at this new moon in cancer, press that reset button to bring balance and harmony into your life, and the way you relate to you.

Be your own mother, give yourself what you crave for. Motherhood doesn’t just mean being a mother to a child. Motherhood means you understand your own needs and, as a grown woman, you take responsibility for your own wellbeing and happiness.

Most of the time, we pay attention to those areas of our lives where we struggle like finances or our relationships but what about your health and wellbeing, your personal growth, your freedom and leisure time?

Where else are you out of balance? In which areas have you ignored your needs and desires?

Have you got clarity in all areas of your life about what you truly want?

Do you need to press the reset button in any areas?

Are you following your dreams and allowing the unknown to bring you amazing moments of coincidences and synchronicity? Let life flow.

The crab sheds its shell a few times to be able to expand and grow so accept your need for growth and change. Let go of the old tight shells and structures in your life that don’t do anything else apart from preventing you from experiencing the excitement of the new and the unknown.

Be adventures. Never better moment to allow yourself to be vulnerable and let go of the old. The energy of this cancer new moon will keep you protected and nurtured to grow into your new shell/choices/directions/life.

This is a very powerful new moon and this is why I’m launching my moon ride program on together with this new moon on the 2nd of July to help you to truly step into this energy and walk through this amazing cosmic door of opportunities.

Come with me and be supported and inspired and use all this magic to your advantage.

We’re going to immerse into our body wisdom and activate our cyclic intelligence so you can heal, grow and fully become you on all levels and in all aspects of your life.

This is a very applicable program with deep feminine wisdom and it will help you to step into the unknown and be the most powerful version of you.

Check out all the details here, cart is closing on Monday 1st of July at midnight.

Love and blessings and see you on the other side 😉 

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