Full moon on the 12th of December in Gemini

You notice the date of this full moon? 12/12! Yep WOW.

And then, the post-full moon day is a ‘Friday the 13th day’, the day of the goddess…WOW

What potent energetic portals are aligning here for us to leap across into the new decade…!

And what a call to open up fully to your spiritual path and your feminine gifts.

There is so much this moon brings and one post cannot cover it all, so keep a lookout on our page to get continuous insights and updates.

Let’s start with the fundamentals of moon wisdom.

The full moon is usually an invitation to pause and evaluate, and this really applies in this moment.

Use the bright light of the moon to see how far you’ve come, let go of what’s finished and celebrate what you’ve achieved.
This full moon is in such divine timing to look back on your year or even on your last decade and do a life review.
Take a pause to honour your journey and yourself during this full moon.

Now, this moon is in Gemini that is represented by the twins.
It leads us to think of a pair of something, or notice the two sides of things, notice sameness and polarity simultaneously in our lives.
And it is not just the Gemini energy that brings this two sided aspect.
The full moon does it too as always. One side is fully lit, one is completely in the shadow.

And right at this moment, I really am aware of how this two sided energy is connecting 2019 and 2020. Technically, we’re still in this year but at the same time we are already in the energy of 2020. We have both sides fully present.
The Gemini brings all aspects at once and this could feel a bit chaotic, stressful but also insightful because you have a chance to see all sides, all aspects of your life, work, relationships, health and wellbeing, fianices, etec.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
Are you poor or abundant?
Are you in love or searching for it?
Are you fulfilled or uninspired?
Are you successful or stuck?

The deeper learning from Gemini is this… the two sides, even though they may seem different, they are the same because it doesn’t matter whether you are poor or abundant or fulfilled or uninspired, what matters is what you are going to do from where you are. So it is key that you have the courage to face where you are.

The lesson that a full moon always teaches is to embrace both your shadow and light, they always show up together. This is totally normal. As always, it is up to you how you choose to perceive your reality.


There are so many energetic movements and alignments happening right now. The effect of this can bring you to a halt before spurs you into momentum.

The way I can describe it, is like that scene from the movie Titanic.
Remember the scene when they notice the iceberg, and the captain gives order to the engine room to turn the ship…?
They change the direction, they fire up the engine to full steam, but…!
Before the ship ACTUALLY turns and picks up speed, the whole ship comes to a halt, a moment of holding back and THEN, burst into momentum…

This is the energy what this full moon is amplifying.

Although the new is inevitably coming, a few weeks and it’s 2020, and you are thinking ahead and that’s great, BUT, this is all you need to do right now.
Pause, and evaluate so you can think ahead. You can even make decisions, get ready, and then hold it, hold it, hold it….

Sit with the tension, it’s Christmas time, there will be tension… breathe and sit with it. Honour your journey and yourself.

You don’t have to wait too long. The 26th of December is already a new moon! We are going to be led through this transition into the new decade, into the new era of Aquarius with the total energetic support of the Universe.

You are not here to just walk across the threshold of this new year, and new spiritual era, but LEAP with all your might.

LEAP with all your grace, all your dreams. Use this enormous light and energy of this full moon to dream big, to build a bridge to cross over into your new dimension, new vibration. Pause and evaluate to prepare for your leap.

Because this full moon is on the 12/12 and this numeric portal is about receiving an upgrade for your light body or energy body. You have the chance to upgrade your vibration, your whole system and open up more to your higher self, to your divine feminine gifts, to that woman who you’re meant to be…

Connecting to your feminine energy, feminine gifts and power is really amplified with this full moon as the post-full moon day is a ‘Friday the 13th day’, the day of the goddess.

With this, the full moon shines the light on an important aspect of the feminine – our ability to create, our creator power.
It is almost like, this Friday the 13th right after the full moon gives us a pre-warning, that we are passing through the threshold from the old into the new, ready to start afresh and create.

Use this full moon to prepare the ground, and feel into the structures that will support you next year.
Claim your stake.
Let go of what doesn’t belong.
Set your non-negotiables
Be the dreamer of the dream.

Wishing you lots of full moon blessings!

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