Full moon in Aquarius on the 15th of August ?♒️

What an A-mazing full moon this is going to be wedged right in the middle between the two new moons of 1st and 30th of August! 

A month of moon power. ?

What a powerful time of the Divine Feminine ▽ forming a sacred trinity.
A triangular pillar of connection bringing balance, groundedness and creative power. 

This full moon in Aquarius has a beautiful flow as the water bearer freely and generously pours the water. 

The watery influence of the Aquarius calling you feel deeply, be your own mother to love yourself unconditionally and nurture those things that matters to you the most in your life. 

And as Aquarius is an air sign, this full moon has an aspect of thinking, developing ideas too, so be daring and inventive with your creative power. Your womb is your tool for life. This cauldron inside you is to plant seeds and birth anything you desire in any areas of your life. 
USE your Divine Feminine gifts. You soul was born into a female body for a purpose. 

Full moon is a time of manifesting your desires, standing fully in your light, being aware of your wholeness, celebrating your life, being awake to your soul, feeling the connection to all women reviving our sacred sisterhood coded in our cells. 

This full moon is right between two new moons in the very same month. New moons are all about setting intentions, tuning into your dreams, and taking time to envision your future. With this full moon, between them, you’re really called to pause, sit, breathe and see how far you’ve got whilst climbing your proverbial mountain. 

This full moon is here to remind you that you are on your way to that future vision, and it’s lighting up your path for you, if you’re willing to face your fears/challenges and see the path. 

Every full moon is an in-between point as it is the halfway point of a complete moon cycle. And this full moon is in-between even more so as the two new moons are hugging it at both end of August.

YOU may feel in-between too. 
In-between emotions as you dip into the water of the Aquarius. 
In-between ways of thinking/mind-sets as the air sign Aquarius floats through your energetic body. 
In-between resisting your path. 
In-between faith in your success. 
In-between the light and the dark
In-between your personal evolution 
In-between insights 
In-between crossroads

In-between, and that’s where you’re always going to be because you’re on a journey! 

The message of this full moon is that wherever you are, is the right place!

This aquarius full moon illuminates both your current position and destination as you get to float with the enormous energy ushering you into the next new moon allowing you to keep envisioning your future. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture. 

This full moon illuminates whatever you’re ready to see. 
It wants to help you to feel, freely tap into your emotions like passion, joy, pleasure and follow them. 
It wants to help you to be clear in your thinking too. 
It wants you to see your path and walk it. 

So use this full moon to pause with the purpose of feeling into your desires and creating clarity in your thoughts and ideas. 

And then celebrate, awaken your Shakti, dance the dance of the moon that is our feminine heritage.

Dance Sister. 
Dance your vision into life. 

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Let the light of the moon dissolve your fears and doubts. 

You’re a Goddess. A Modern Goddess with freedom to choose and create. 

Full Moon Blessings. ❤️?❤️

PS: here is a Full Moon Meditation you can use to release the old and step into the new light xxx :https://dianaadamko.com/product/full-moon-meditation/

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