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I wanted you to be the first to know, I am moving back to London after three years of Scotland. Life in Scotland was a real journey. We had some of the worst ad some of THE BEST times of our lives as a family and also on the individual level. So much magic and so much didn’t go our ways. But all embraced and appreciated.

During our three years here, we made lots of decision and let go of enormous amount of things, including some old beliefs, fears about doing it our own way and most of our furnitures. So the move back to london will be very light and expect it to happen with ease.  

And really looking forward to it and tell you why.

First of, reuniting with some close friends and family will be such a joy and fun.

Second of, this is how I always wanted to be. I wanted a traveling lifestyle where I can move from place to place and enjoy the world.

Did you know that many many years ago I used to be a nanny? I worked for families where the dad worked for some big company with global locations and he got located to a post in a foreign country, he took his family with him. I always thought those kids had such an amazing lifestyle, growing up and learning about the world by actually living in the world in hopping from country to country. I thought it was magic and wanted this lifestyle for me and my own child.

And now, I have a daughter and when she was 5 months, we came to Scotland as my partner is Scottish and wanted our daughter to be close to one side of her family. Now she is three and we are moving back to London as a base so we can travel to Hungary (the home of the other granny and grandpa) and more around Europe for a while.

And all the while, I  keep working with my amazing global clients and coaching them to unlock more freedom and happiness in their lives too.

As I am going to be busy with the move and organising a few things here and there, I also have three spots open for three passionate women to work with me for a 90 day program of their choice.

Who would want to work with me? In a nutshell if you are passion-driven woman who would like to unlock more freedom and happiness in your life, then read on…

I have two delicious 90 day transformation programs running at the moment:

From Lost To Happy – if you are at a standstill, at a crossroad and want to move forward but don’t know how, you feel lost and cannot start the momentum, not sure what decision to make, let me help to clear the path, ground you back in who you truly are, bring you back into balance and let you feel your power and move forward.

From Passion To Power – This program is for you when you have multiply passions and gifts and using them all or none but maybe it is time to mainstream them, simplify your life and really find your sweet spot and live from your most passionate self, from your power, basing your decision on what lights you up  without fear, without hesitation or second guessing yourself so you can expand your freedom and truly have it.

Maybe you are not called to the travelling lifestyle like me but I know, as a woman you want more for your children and loved ones where you can help them to be as free in their choices, and be as happy within themselves as you dare to imagine.

And you know what? To enable them to do that, at first, you needs to enable yourself to be as free in your choices and be as happy within  you as you dare to imagine…

If you’re a woman who is seeking, accept my invitation.

Here is where you can reach me for a deep and exploratory chat to help you to see what you hid from yourself  but want to uncover.

Contact me here

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