The Truest Lifestyle For A Woman…

I care NO MORE if you give me a look because I WON’T hide it.

Because it gave me back my sanity when I felt there was no hope and had no idea where to start to solve my life.
Because this is how it started, out of need, out of listening to my own cry for help but then it turned into a devoted, fruitful practice.

It gave me peace and I found the lost pieces of me and could feel whole again.

It kept me in momentum and consistency so I can get out of the rut and, make decisions and follow through so things can change and grow.

It let me be playful, and face the unknown that happens daily.

It gave me a stronger and deeper relationship with myself so I can rise above any self-sabotage I launch against myself.

I can just sit with the bad days and observe the pain, the low moods, the confusion, the frustration, or the fear showing up. I have a curious conversation with them all, like equals, and ask them, ‘what do you want to show me or tell me?’.I made them my compassionate servants so I can expand, and expand, and expand….

It gave me time and actually trust that there is time for me to do everything I want to do.

It gave me confidence in me and in my success

It opened me to trust myself and believe in me beyond any doubts and love me, love me, love me.

And as a result, our love with my partner has evolved too.
It gave me freedom to express myself even the ‘shameful parts’ and follow my path.

It gave me back seeing, feeling and claiming my desires.
It gave me the joy back in my coaching business leading other women to know the ways of Grandmother Moon and Mumma Earth. It is a pleasure to serve and see them flourish through our practice.

Yes what gave me all the above and let me experience an abundant life was waking up to The Undeniable, that, as a woman, I am cyclical.

Following the cycles of the moon and Mumma Nature is the truest lifestyle for a woman.

Connecting with the moon empowered me to have all the resources, the wisdom, the answers I need each day.
Following my own cycle is opening me up to have the richest life I can live as a woman.

It’s driving me to my power, my fertility and ability to manifest anything, to experience joy, to be connected to my body, to my potential, my happiness, my intuition.

Following my cycle is the key to my mental, emotional and physical health.

Following the moon cycles and my own cycle is aligning me with the divine feminine in daily practical ways so I can apply and filter her tangible power in my life.

Because i don’t just want to know the concept, I want to use it, harness it to unlock as much freedom and happiness as I can imagine… and I can imagine a lot.

The path of the Divine feminine is leading me on my path to be the woman I was born to be and to have the life I was born to experience each day. When in doubt, she always advises me. And I am honoured to teach and mentor other women this powerful and fruitful practice.

I am a modern goddess

I am a moon priestess

I am magnetic

I am an activator

I am an enchantress

I am a manifestor

I am divine

I am a wolf mother. Hear my howls.

I am a witch

I am awakened to the heart warming return of the Goddess.

Are you awakening with me sister?

Modern Goddess Moon Journal – Entry September 2018 Waxing Moon

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