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Women truly thrive through connections, sharing and support. Together we can rise. 

Come into our temple to nourish and nurture yourself, be grounded into your creative power and reclaim your divine feminine wisdom so you can consciously choose and build the life you desire. 



  • Step into a sacred space of an inclusive, judgement free, soulful community
  • Let go of the guilt and cultivate the practice of putting yourself first
  • Deepen your intuition that is your feminine superpower
  • Stay grounded and connected in times of fear or doubt
  • Trust yourself and be more decisive
  • Become more courageous to ask for what you need
  • create clarity to follow your passion
  • Observe your cycle to understand your emotional and energy patterns to enhance your creativity and productivity using these insights.
  • Expand and let flourish what matters to you the most
  • Be listened to and heard by your sisters, break taboos, say things out loud and asked the questions without shame or guilt.
  • Be self aware and do the inner-work to get out of your own way so you can break through to your freedom and happiness.
  • Be whole, passionate and true to you


As a CLASSIC member you will receive: 

  • Meditations and rituals at every full moon and new moon (fortnightly). These will help you to clear blocks, heal, set regular intentions, manifest and receive, flow with the rhythm of Mamma Nature and align yourself with your dreams and desires. 
  • Rituals on potent days of the year to activate your creative, intuitive connection and power.
  • You get support, resources and guidance to stay focused, have clarity, and be confident to grow and value yourself. 
  • Get guidance/coaching and resources to let go of your fears and block.
  • Space to be spiritual, to meditate, ponder, tune in, plan, take action and receive in alignment with your feminine rhythm. 
  • Be part of our platform on facebook to make meaningful connection and find new friends worldwide.
  • eligible for member’s only discounts for our other products and services where applicable
  • access webinars and Q&A’s 

Join the tribe who gets you xx


You can cancel your membership anytime