Return To Your True Nature As A Woman To Enhance Your Energy And Productivity.

I know tampon adverts suggest to you how happy and carefree you would be if you could just completely forget about the sheer existence of your period. But I came to realise it’s the worst thing I and any women could do. How do I know? I started a specific self-care practice nearly two years ago that brought a huge revelations into my life….

As a friend suggested I did a  full moon ceremony of letting go. I went into my back garden with a candle, set on the steps, watching the moon and whispering away all that was congested in me pushing to the surface to free my soul. When I felt the release, I burnt the piece of paper with my ‘letting go list’ as a final purifying act to seal my moment of healing.

I felt a real shift so I kept up those ceremonies each months and they became a conscious practice. I got curious and researched and learned more about the connection between the moon and our feminine rhythm. It changed my life and also my clients life as i brought it into my coaching practice.

Let me share with you how you can connect with your sacred feminine power  to raise your creative flow with consistency. And how you can transform, be productive and move forward in business/work and bring more wholeness into your life using your body-wisdom.

Tip #1 Stop fighting your cyclic nature and begin to acknowledge it and harness it

Every woman who I speak to, usually say yes they KNOW that their period has a huge influence on their mental/emotional and spiritual capacity and their productivity and energy levels, yet, is it part of our daily practice to check in with our cycles and plan our work and life by this inner-guidance?!…..

When you take your destiny into your own hands following your dreams , your creativity and productivity matters. It matters how you can make time for the goals and dreams you want to achieve. Therefore it really matter how you take care of your energy and your spirit which is the core of you.  

For a woman, it’s crucial to get into the habit of following your own rhythm and follow your flow of energy. Why? Your energy as a woman comes from your feminine rhythm (which is your monthly cycle) so start to build a habit to be aware of your cycle.

A great way to begin to return to your body-wisdom is to tune into the moon phases as they are a great metaphor for your own cycle and as a woman, you’re spiritually very connected with the moon.

For me, it started with a full moon ceremony decluttering my thoughts and feelings from old patterns that were holding me back. It helped my wholeness to return and it’s been guiding me ever since. I created an easy to follow moon meditation series and workbook for other women in my community. The results? They change their lives, they become more grounded and more true to themselves and expand their opportunities.

Tip #2 Your energy is your ability to make things happen, observe its flow in all four levels

I teach my clients to acknowledge and distinguish their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies.

Each of your energy levels has a purpose and when you understand its purpose you can use it to serve you better.

Emotional energy –  emotions and feelings – our emotions drive our behaviour so it’s important to create emotional clarity which means, instead of holding onto your stress or frustration, emotions are meant to be felt and let go of. How?

  1. Feel the feeling by naming your feeling. Feel it by identifying where in your body you can find it. Feel it by giving it a colour or a shape. Once you captured it, really feel it and then let it float away. 
    1. Be in charge of your own state of mind, which means it’s your decision to hold on or to let go or to change your state of mind!  
  1. Purposefully direct your emotional energies to serve your needs e.g. identify how you need to feel to perform best in a meeting/social event, calmness, excitement curiosity? And choose to create that state.  

Mental energy is about your thoughts, thinking, logic and specific focus. Here are some tips how to manage it:

    1. Our mind can only hold very limited mental information so get out of the habit of multi-tasking as your mind doesn’t built for it. Focus on one thing at a time.
    1. We have a certain amount of brain-energy per day so use it wisely.  It is not good to be in your head too much, so if you need to keep your focus, make sure you take breaks and move around in a busy day. 
  1. Anchor in the feeling of being in the zone by stop working right in the middle of your flow. This way your mind builds a pattern to access your flow state just by sitting down to work. Work will feel mentally refreshing to you.

Spiritual energy is about knowing yourself, caring for yourself and raising your self belief.

As you align with the moon phases and your own cycle, you create a  very practical spiritual practice that can organically help you to know yourself deeper and care for your needs. Harnessing your natural rhythm can give you more confidence in your own abilities and self. 

Physical energy is about treating your body as a temple.

There is so much out there about taking care of your physical body but the most important I would like to highlight is NOT to follow trends. Sleep, eat, move the way your own body guides you.  

My biggest revelation about my physical energy and wellbeing is discovering the power of deep green plants in my daily diet. I highly recommend to incorporate these type of foods whatever regime you follow in the form of green juices and smoothies. 

Tip #3 Get out of the time trap and create a new perception of time to have absolute joy and abundance daily.

I call time trap when we are so sucked up into deadlines or trying to cram in as much as we can into one day or a week or when we’re so afraid of losing a chance or want to please others so we keep doing and doing.

Speed seems crucial in our society and as a woman, you have so many roles and responsibilities even in one day…

How about I give you a new spin on time and how to use it?

Instead of planning your life, work and etc in a very regimented way by traditional clocks and calendars, take the moon phases and nature’s clock into account too and expand your time frames.

Each moon phase reminds us to focus on a certain thing, each season reminds us of a certain period of growth or decay. And everything is cyclic, on repeat, meaning, we keep getting another and another chance for everything in life.  

When you follow nature’s or the moon’s timeframe, you gain a new perspective on time and you realise you have a much bigger time scale in your days, in your life to feel fulfilled and successful.

Modern Goddess Moon Journal – Entry February 2018 Waxing Moon

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