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The moon Journal and the Inner-Winter Kit will be available to buy separately to buy too, however, you can obtain a voucher code till the 31st October 2020 to buy them in a bundle and save money. 


The Moon’s The Limit

Journal + Your Inner-Winter Essentials Kit

Bundle Price: £50 instead of £71.47

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The Moon’s The Limit

A beautiful, lush
moon-juju guided journal.

Full Price: £16.47

An easy and simple 2-minutes daily journaling practice based on your intuitive connection to the moon cycles and your own cyclical nature. 

This is a unique moon journaling practice that has been tried and tested by gifted, intuitive, passion-driven women of all ages from 30’s to 60’s. Because following the moon is not about your menstrual cycle. It goes deeper than that. 

Your cyclical nature is with you throughout all the feminine changes in your life. 

The moon is your external teacher and guide to understand, tap into and navigate your whole self from within you, from your cyclical nature.   

This journal is a foundational piece and will give you : 

  • Daily simple guiding questions to use the moon to build your own divine feminine systems to heal, grow and follow your dreams 
  • The option for a more immersive experience to expand your foundational 2-minutes daily practice with extra moon guidance on each page, each day as it suits you. 
  • A consistent approach to listen to yourself, and recognise and take care of your needs and desires. 
  • To become acquainted with your body’s hormonal ride, natural patterns of mood swings, energy highs and all your ups and downs.
  • An easy to follow yet powerful energetic support system 
  • Access to our membership community 


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The Moon’s The Limit

Nourishing Your Soul During The Winter

Full Price: £55

This is an essential tool kit helping you to understand and align with your inner-winter energies. 

You, as a woman, are deeply connected to the cycles of Mumma Earth. What is around you is also within you. 

As you are moving through the winter months, you experience and feel affected by the winter energies such as the long dark hours, the cold, the stillness and the slowness. All these can feel heavy, sad and hard going sometimes. 

With the inner-winter essentials you’ll be equipped to transmute these energies and utilize them to feel the replenishing and supportive side of winter in you. 

This essential tool kit supports your emotional and spiritual wellbeing throughout the winter and also enhances your journaling experience. 

You will get:

  • Three New Moon Rituals designed for Winter
  • A restorative, and relaxing guided meditation to de-stress in mind, body and soul. (I’m famous for my meditations) 
  • Winter Equinox guided meditation. 
  • A Walking Meditation to connect deeper with nature during these months.
  • A guided Journal to connect with the Wise Woman within you who is the corresponding female archetype with winter. 
  • A guided journal for the Dark Moon 
  • A wheel of year event ritual guide

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This is What Women Say about the journal

“I love the easy way of journaling this moon journal gives, and the connection it allows me to my inner self every day.”

I love the Modern Goddess Moon journal, it is a fast way to check in with yourself. Also, the fact that it reminds you of where the Moon is on her cycle and where you are in yours helps too. Diana’s prompts included in it make you think of important relevant things. Plus it looks great!

“That continuous daily check in has been so valuable to me.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing how patterns form in my cycle over the course of the year.”

“Honestly it feels like everything is opening up and I feel more aligned, more centred in myself and completely on fire! And I say a big YES to that! And taking it higher!!”

“It has been really useful using this… as I will be able to compare with the next cycle to see if there are patterns. Love the journal Diana … keeps me on track. xx”

“It was amazing to move into this full Moon from the very beginning, and daily!!! Made all the difference.”

“I have been doing the daily journal using Diana’s guide. This has really helped to tune into my heart. I have felt the shift in moon energy and have been sitting with my wise woman. I have an overall sense of peace and tranquility. Just observing and not creating stories!! My intuition is telling me to be patient and everything will unfold in Divine timing.”

“I can feel the moon’s rhythm more and more in my life and I’m right there in the middle of growing larger than I ever thought I could be stronger than I thought I could be.” 

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See you on the other side of the moon, sister!