Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th November.

Wow! Yet again! Another amazing energetic portal. Right the day before this full moon is the 11th of the 11th.

11/11 symbolises a window of opportunity where your power to create your reality through your thoughts, feelings and beliefs is amplified. This comes with a caveat to really let go of what’s not serving you, to get crystal clear on what you want to create, and then, focus on that vision both with your mind and heart.

You are called to have greater self-awareness to notice your thoughts and feelings to be able to shape your 3D reality the way you desire it.

Everything is energy and 11/11 is a day when this universal truth is fully activated.

Right after this day, it is full moon and this makes this 11/11 portal even more powerful. Why?
Because the full moon has a strong meaning around the same thing.

The moon is in full glory giving you plenty of light for greater self-awareness to notice your thoughts, feelings and beliefs that may have been lurking in your system and creating a reality on autopilot you don’t actually want.

Full moon is a time to pause and look deeper within and let go any of those self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings or beliefs and make space to get clear on what you truly want.

11/11 and full moon right next to each other is giving you a really intensified energy to fully give yourself a chance, BELIEVE in yourself and in your dreams.

These two days right next to each other are like a trampoline to catapult yourself into a brand new reality through self-awareness, focus and crystal clear visions.

These two days entwined are ruthlessly reminding you that YOU are the predominant creative force in your life. When you’re willing to take responsibility for the bad, the good and the ugly, indeed miracles can come forth!

And this is happening right at the end of the year which means it is not just about your immediate reality, you must see the bigger picture and tune into the reality you wish to create for your life and not just for the ‘right now’.

Your soul is being activated to its highest purpose. Let the light of the full moon shine on the truth you must see and on the path you are here to follow.

These are your key steps:

– Let go
– Get clarity
– Believe in yourself
– Be self-aware
– Focus on your visions/dreams

This full moon is in Taurus, a sturdy four legged creatures, firmly standing on the ground. When you connect to its spirit, it can help you too to stay firmly on the ground, and in your body which will help you to be self-aware and to deal with any triggers or self-sabotage.

The taurus, the bull has enormous strength and you can borrow it to strengthen your self-belief and that you CAN manifest any reality.

This bull can stand on that field in all weathers, all seasons like nothing matters. This is the attitude you need to take with this full moon.
Stand up for yourself, and for what matters to you the most. This full moon is calling you to stay still like that bull and use your stillness to reflect and see what truly matters to you and what you must let go of.

The bull can pull the heavy plough and prepare the ground for the seeds as well as can pull the cart with all the harvest. This taurus full moon is indeed calling you to believe in your ability to manifest and to feel and be abundant. Let go of any lack mentality, you are capable beyond any physical limitations.

Connect with the heart of Mother Earth and let her nourish you with whatever you need right now to feel and be abundant so you can manifest your desires.

I love this full moon. Everything that a full moon can offer is here.

And do make sure you use this moon to see the bigger vision and what is ahead in order to prepare for a new spiritual era in 2020.

Blessings xxx

PS: do you want a full moon meditation? ?

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