Hello Goddess

I see you. You’ve arrived. You’re standing in front of the door with hesitation and curiosity on the threshold of changes and transformations. Something has been leading you here from within.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there many times feeling the resistance coming from my logical mind telling me why I don’t need to expand anymore, telling me I have it all and there is no need to take anymore risks.

Maybe you are like me and created a thing or two in your life without anybody’s help.

You worked hard and tasted success in your life.

You travelled.

You know love and disappointment.

You met fear and got better and better to deal with it. 

You accepted the call of self-discovery and learned about yourself and your purpose. And you may be or may not be on that path…

But there is a new paradigm on the horizon

    • about womanhood,
    • about the feminine path,
    • about women being powerful and owning themselves and their choices
  • and about embracing their sensitive, nurturing and loving nature too
  • about being creative, bright and heart-led to design your own life

And as you are standing there, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask your intuition: ‘Is it time?’….. If yes then…

  1. Step into the temple to find your space where you can hear your soul’s desires and be supported to follow them.
  2. Come in and pray on the altar of self-love where you heal your heart, celebrate your life daily and adore your whole being.
  3. Open up for greater self-awareness and know yourself deeper than ever.
  4. Be available for new possibilities, adventures, and  fulfil your gifts, ambitions and potentials fearlessly.
  5. Feel alive and aligned and be ready to take action to live in abundance.
  6. Create a pattern of spiral growth by willing to go deeper and doing the inner work.
  7. Connect with life, nature and the flow of energy by building new routines and practices that are in sync with the moon, planetary cycles and your own cycle.
  8. Have the confidence to live a meaningful and passionate life.
  9. Make a difference for you and others.

The Moon is full, time to honour your fullness.

Modern Goddess Moon Journal – Entry: June 2018 Full Moon

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