Golden Goddess Project

Funny story…

On a Friday afternoon, I set down to write my deepest and truest reasons.

I set down, took a deep breathe, looked at the screen and asked myself ‘What am I to tell?’  

The words came and I thought, I can’t talk about this, no one would care about how my mother lived through three decades of the cold war era, (the prime of her life), which meant that, as a woman she didn’t have opportunities to create her very own resources like finances nor to get support to stand on her two feet and claim HER life, the life she would love and meant to live.

I remember growing up into a young woman and continuously thinking that I wouldn’t settle for this and I promised myself over and over again that no matter what, I would stand on my two feet and would find a way to claim MY life, the one I meant to live. ‘They’ won’t control me. It is going to be mine….

So I was writing about this on Friday and on Sunday…

I fell. I twisted my feet, I fractured the outer bone of my right foot and pulled the muscles in my left foot…. In a blink of an eye I wasn’t standing on my two feet…Coincidence?

Well, I believe there are NO coincidences, I believe that everything has its meaning in our lives…

So as I am declaring my deepest truth, I literally and metaphorically challenged and prompted to stand on my two feet and claim my life, the one I meant to live. I’m challenged and prompted both by the Universe/God/Source and me to go for it. (and very grateful for the support from my parents-in-law with my three year old daughter).

And why did I wanted to share my story? To tell you ‘My Why’… WHY I’ve created the Golden Goddess Projects.


Funny, I had to hurt my feet to realise that the Golden Goddess Project IS truly part of my deepest truth.

So I am on a mission. No stopping now even with two painful feet. And I want to take you with me. 

The Golden Goddess Project is a sister project of my soon launching Modern Goddess Membership program….

I know it in my core, that I’m meant to run Golden Goddess Project and empower myself and other women to stand on your two feet and have choices and options in any given life- situation….like wanting to change your job, or leave a relationship, or expand your dreams, or have a life where you can provide your and your children’s needs, wants and desires, or make a difference in the world…

Golden Goddess Project is about re-writing the story of our female lineage and stepping into our power to make your own money, build financial freedom, leave a legacy, create and access opportunities and receive support and the know-how.

If it’s something that calling you to step up and have more abundance then let me know as lets work together towards your abundance and financial freedom. 

Click here to chat and find out more. 

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