Be The Best Version Of You And No-one Else’s

This inspirational quote on the photo above popped up for me as one of those ‘Facebook memories’ I posted two years ago… today still resonates even more so!

Two years ago, I was already on this path, as one of the leader of a female organisation I am today, little did I know then how it’s going to manifest  in my life in two years time…. Actually this path may have started much longer than that…

Maybe it started in 2012 when I sooo wanted to leave my job in education and stop being surrounded by women because i felt so fed up with my own gender and the way we can be with each other.

Maybe it started even before when I so desperately wanted a better life for my mum, more choices, more freedom, more support, more inner-power and daring to go against the world if needed…and promising myself this would never happen to me….

Understanding a path of a woman…. And not just understanding it but leveraging from this understanding and have resources and an actual structure in my life making my dreams come true.  

Without the encouragement from my previous mentor I never would have or maybe would’ve took me much longer time to share, show and teach other women how to connect and use the moon as a practical resource in their lives as I do. Because it’s too woo-woo, right?! NO!

Because it’s as cheesy as it may be, this quote on the image is true, we ought to celebrate the differences and be conscious of our differences so both men and women can be powerful in their own way bringing a wholeness to life.

Be woman, be proud of your woman-ness, be strong, be powerful, be loving, be nurturing, be magic, be angry, be vulnerable, be …. (fill the dots) Because you can be all of that at the same time and still be a woman without trying to prove anything to men, other women, or expectations or rules of society.

Just follow your path as a woman.

Modern Goddess moon Journal – Entry February 2018 Waning Moon

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