Menarche Rite Of Passage - Journeys for all generations of women

Menarche Rite Of Passage - Journeys for all generations of women

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Menarche ceremony is a rite of passage that you either celebrate and/or reclaim depending on at what age you experience this ritual. 

Menarche is the first time we bleed and our body begins its menstrual cycles.  This is a huge event in a woman's life as it only happens once and changes us forever. 

Menarche marks this event helping us to consciously connect with our bodies, celebrate, learn, understand and own our bodies and ourselves as women. 

With this rite, traditionally we welcome the young girls into the 'circle of women' so that we can support them growing into their own and pass on our wisdom. 

Menarche is giving us the chance to become aware, and acknowledge the emotional and spiritual side of the way our female body works so that we can love and respect our body and ourselves. 

In this product, you can find three different ceremonies appropriate for three different age groups of girls and women with audios and workbooks/journals. 

  1. Menarche Story Time for girls from any age of starting their period up to 16 
  2. Menarche - The Lost Fairy Tale for young women age 16 - 25
  3. Reclamation of Menarche for women age 25 - 105

The audios will lead you through a story time with visualisation or a deeper meditation. 

The workbooks/journals will give you extra information and also some tips and ideas how to move forward in connecting with the emotional and spiritual aspects of our menstrual cycles, menopause and cyclical nature in general depending on where you are. 


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