Daily Moon Journal - Spring
Daily Moon Journal - Spring
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Daily Moon Journal - Spring

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A beautiful lush moon-juju guided journal. 

An easy and simple 2-minutes daily journaling practice based on your intuitive connection to the moon cycles and your own cyclical nature. 

This is a unique moon journaling practice that has been tried and tested by women like you and me of all ages from 30’s to 60’s and beyond. Because following the moon goes deeper than your menstrual cycle.

Your cyclical nature is with you throughout all the feminine changes in your life. 

The moon is your external teacher and guide to understand, tap into and navigate your whole self from within, from your cyclical nature. 

Your Moon Journal has three moon cycles in them, leading you through the entire season. The journal always begins on the first new moon of the season. 

Journaling with the moon is the spiritual and emotional aspects of your cyclical nature!!

As I honed my practice, I’ve identified all the best and most impactful aspects of living with the moon cycles which I am sharing with you in this journal. 

I also made it really practical and doable even if you’re busy or find it hard to stick to self-care practices. 

This journal is a foundational piece and will give you : 

  • Daily simple guiding questions using the moon to cultivate your connection with your cyclical nature, feel more grounded and confident with the 2-minutes daily anchoring practice. 
  • The option for a more immersive experience to expand your foundational 2-minutes daily practice with extra moon guidance on each page, and each day as it suits you. 
  • A consistent approach to listen to yourself, and recognise and take care of your needs and desires. 
  • A strong connection with your inner-guidance and souls’ voice. 
  • To become acquainted with your body’s signals of your cyclical nature and hormonal ride, through recognising the natural patterns of mood swings, energy highs and laws, and all your productivity and creativity waves. 
  • An easy to follow yet powerful energetic support system and a unique feminine strategy for your daily life and taking action.