Clear Heal Elevate


A 12-week coaching journey of deep healing, soul-connecting, desire-opening so you can be fearlessly you and take inspired action to create your dream life and business. 


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This is for you

  • If you’re an ambitious woman in business and willing to take the risk and action to get to the heart of what’s holding you back
  • if you want to break through your limiting beliefs and create a high level business mindset to reach your goals faster with confidence
  • If you’re on your unique path to make a difference for you and the world but self doubt keeps you playing small
  • If you want the space, time and the right support to let go of the clunky, heavy outgrown part of your business and elevate to your highest purpose,
  • If you want to shift towards to a more spiritually aligned business and transition to using more feminine strategies.
  • If you want to have clarity and ready to take consistent inspired action towards your dream.

Because the truth is, you have your vision and you KNOW you can do it.

You know you can leap, figure it all out and make it happen. You have done it before!

But even though you do the inner-work, and take action, you reached an upper limit, and  it’s separating you from your fullest expression. 

So hold your vision and fearlessly break through

During this 12-week coaching, I will help you to focus on deep inner work, healing, clearing and self-growth for the purpose of you being able to fearlessly step into your mission and elevate your business to your next level. 

Alongside the inner-work, you will have additional support and resources to map your business in a creative way and implement a business structure where you’ll be able to have the feminine and masculine in balance in your business and take inspired, intuitive action. 

You will be able to use my energetic support system and the moon cycles not just to maintain but to expand your inner-growth and business simultaneously. 

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Hello I’m Diana

As an experienced coach and healer, I have guided hundreds of women to let go of old beliefs, uncover and release their limitations, heal emotional traumas and ancestral patterns to energetically rewire their mind, body and soul.

I show my clients how to decode the intuitive messages of their body.

The women I work with have different backgrounds, and challenges in their lives and business. However, they all have the same desire – to pursue their dreams more fearlessly.

They want their spiritual wisdom to guide them to become the best and most aligned versions of themselves.

Over the years, I combined my favourite tools and practices as an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer, Quantum Field Healer, and as a Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor, I initiate women to utilize the moon cycles and their cyclical nature.

One of my favourite gifts is that I am a badass at helping you to transform and to break through your limits. I do all of this with a very feminine approach which you will experience in this 12-week deep journey.

I have a proven track record with many happy clients helping them to explore and embrace their story, to master their inner game and follow their purpose creating fulfilment and success.
My deepest desire is to bring more flow into women’s experiences in business and life…more time, more money and more happiness with grace and ease.

I am an Intuitive Business Mindset Coach and Healer;
Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor;
Founder of Modern Goddess Moon Journal;
Creatrix at Grow Your Business With The Flow Of The Moon


“After coaching with you, I felt lighter, as if some heavy weight was lifted off me. I could see a way forward, I have a clearer vision and felt motivated to pursue it. Suddenly, the opportunities were just appearing in my life and I could recognise them and be open for them.
I felt so happy and changed. There was a time when I wanted to give up and be my old self again. How easily I would have done it, as I did it many times before.
Thank you, Diana for your passion, determination and understanding.
Your belief in me made all the difference as it helped me to make a shift and the new confident me was emerging.
Without your experienced coaching I would still be just searching for change and not achieve it.”

Zana Komnenic
Energy Field Healer
“What a joy it is to work with Diana. She is so intuitive and easy to connect with. What I loved most about the process was being able to reach such a deep level without struggling. I feel my life has really shifted in a profound way with this work. It’s intuitive and feminine allowing for restructuring at a very deep level. It was exactly what I needed in order to shift gears and release what’s been keeping me stuck. Diana makes it so easy to pinpoint what needs work and then asks the next question that gets to the heart of the issue! She has keen insight into what keeps women stuck and how we can harness our personal power and our cyclical nature to get where we want to go in business and in life.”

Kristen Bernard

what you’ll get


To have an impactful start to this life-changing 12 weeks, as soon as you sign up, you’ll have a session where we
set your intentions and personal goals.

Quantum healing Sessions

This is your tailored, personal healing journey. Seven quantum healing sessions over weeks through 60 minutes Zoom calls. This healing journey is deep and profound, yet enjoyable. You’ll feel the impact immediately after each session. We’ll clear and heal a wide range of emotions and limitations from the root cause

six Teaching Sessions

The framework knowledge and support you need to be able to consistently harness and implement the results of your healing will be delivered through teaching sessions in the first six weeks.

Weekly Group Q&a

These Q&A sessions are optional but I highly recommend them as you benefit from the collective energy of connecting with my community of clients. Any questions, or additional support you need as we go along, you’ll be able to address every week.

Online Resource Library

Every teaching session and all program materials will be uploaded to the resource library which you’ll have life-time access to. This library will continuously expand each time I launch the program.

Pirvate community space

A safe space to connect and share. A space to be heard and seen as the new You emerges.

what you’ll learn


Limiting beliefs profiling system

You’ll learn the profiles of a wide range of limiting beliefs and to recognise yours. Everything is hidden in your language and unconscious behavioural patterns. You’ll be guided to learn how to find your limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage patterns in your old story. Through this exploration, you’ll bring them to your conscious awareness so you can release them with ease and grace.


Your personal quantum healing journey

Once you explored your limiting beliefs, it’ll be time to release them. It is your emotions that drive all your patterns and limitations you may hold against yourself. That’s why I’ll guide you to clear and heal a wide range of negative emotions such as anger, fear, hurt, shame, victimhood, and more.
Every challenge, trauma or negative experience you have ever gone through, holds a gift, a learning to help you unlock your true potential, and your highest purpose. You’ll build a deeper, healthier, stronger, more intuitive connection with yourself and break through limitations, fears, doubts, and self-sabotage. You’ll let go of judgement and live from your true nature, owning your ability to create your dreams.


rewrite your story and change your destiny

As you unlock your gifts through your healing journey, and install new empowering beliefs, a brand new storyline opens up in your mind and heart.
Simultaneously with your healing sessions, I will guide you to begin to rewrite your story in the light of your new learnings. You’ll finish the program feeling light, clear, confident and free. And as you rewrite your story, you’ll find the inspiration how to filter all of this into your reality.


Feminine Strategy for business and life

You’re doing this because you want new ways of living and doing your business. I want to support you with that. As you clear and heal all that doesn’t belong anymore and holds you back, you’ll also open up to a new version of you that is more in flow, energetic, feels light, more free and fearless. I am giving you access to ALL my resources and teachings to be able to implement and use feminine strategies and support systems. These will help you to maintain and elevate the new path you are creating.


Business Mapping

Simultaneously with your deep inner-work, You’ll elevate your business to match your inner transformation. You will have support and resources to map out your business, and your structures in a feminine creative way, allowing your passion to lead you.

I spend so much time in my business it’s hard to step back and get an overview of how I really feel about my work, what I truly want to do and how to do it. I absolutely loved the feminine, energetic, visual, multi-dimensional approach that Diana offers. This is cutting edge futuristic business coaching like no other! It was healing, insightful and inspiring. Diana has helped me to realign my true self with my business which means I can really progress. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds. If you have the opportunity to work with Diana go for it – she has a unique and very special skill set.

1:1 Client
Hypnobirthing Specialist
“I can not recommend Diana enough. I am so thankful that she came into my life. I am still seeing the benefits of my healing unravel and it is the most beautiful journey. I instantly felt lighter and more of a sense of inner peace. I could finally forgive myself for so much. I am able to continue the work that I did with her on my own and it just continues to give. I am eternally grateful “

Catriona Harbison
Emotional Integration and Wellness Coach
“Coaching with Diana has been an enlightening experience. Going through this process makes you realize that the possibilities for life-changes are endless. It makes you examine what it is you want from life and gives you the tools to achieve your goals. I could never have imagined how powerful an impact dealing with my emotional baggage would have on me. An amazing experience led by an inspirational coach. Thank you so much for the fabulous opportunity.”

Hania Zaki
Entrepreneurial Soul


Book a free, no obligation session now and see how I can help you. w, and see how I can help you. 


These bonus materials are part of Diana’s ‘Grow Your Business With The Flow Of The Moon’ program. 

These resources will guide you to live, work and manifest in sync with your cyclical nature. They will bring a powerful part of your feminine to the surface and support you to fully step into your energetic spiritual self. 

Diana believes that for a woman, following the lunar cycles is a powerful ancient spiritual symbol. 

It can lead you to tap into Source energy and manifest your choices to create growth, a consistent flow of clients, money, time and anything you desire.

As you work with your cyclical nature, you build a deeper connection with you and continuously let go of the old to make space for abundance. 

Moon wisdom is a wisdom that when women embrace and live by, it transforms them and their lives. 

1. Energetic Support System

You’ll make lots of changes from the inside out. My Energetic Support System will help you to stay grounded in your path and mission. It’ll give you a step-by-step feminine business strategy to follow. This is your inner funnel to support all the outer funnels of your business. 

2. Follow-Up Session

Four weeks after the program has finished, you’ll have the option to book a coaching session as an extra support to address any adjustment you need. 

3. Moon Cycle Wisdom

We start our journey on the New Moon. Throughout the 12 weeks, you can participate in moon rituals and tap into practical resources and knowledge of how to harness the moon cycles and your cyclical nature. We might even do some moon rituals together for fun.  

4. Gift Bag

You’ll receive £300 worth of gifts to aid your journey of clearing, healing and elevating.  

Delicious, amazing, hand-picked, high quality and deeply nourishing products for both your mind, body and soul. 

5. Moon Journal

Modern Goddess Moon Journal is a practical and spiritual tool to build a daily practice to connect with your cyclical nature and the moon cycles. This is how you can use your cyclic intelligence to decode the intuitive messages of your body. You’ll get access to this year’s journaling pages and will be gifted a copy of the 2021 printed journal and calendar. 


Book a free, no obligation session now and see how I can help you. 

You’ll have two options to work with me. 

One payment of £2777
A payment plan of £600 x 5