Full Moon in Aries on the 1st October

The full moon on the 1st October is in Aries, coming to us head on. Hitting us with both the light and the shadow. One that stretches across the entire month. Why? October is a month with two full moons… once in a blue moon… this expression refers to this event when there are two … Read more

New Moon In Sagittarius – 26th of November

New moons are all about new possibilities, starting afresh, aligning your heart and mind to recognise that ALL IS POSSIBLE, that you ARE the dreamer of the dream and the creator of your own path. This may feel daunting at times but also very liberating because there is nothing you have to put up with.You … Read more

New moon in Virgo 30th August.

This is a Super Moon as the moon is closest to Earth. As this is the second new moon in the same month, it’s called a Black Moon. It’s in Virgo – The Virgin – The Black Madonna. It’s a Super-new-black-virgo-virgin/blackmadonna-moon. This New moon is carrying so many messages for us. Let’s dive in and … Read more

Full moon in Aquarius on the 15th of August ?♒️

What an A-mazing full moon this is going to be wedged right in the middle between the two new moons of 1st and 30th of August!  A month of moon power. ? What a powerful time of the Divine Feminine ▽ forming a sacred trinity.A triangular pillar of connection bringing balance, groundedness and creative power.  This … Read more

Sisterhood Is Encoded In Us

This notion of women’s menstrual cycles synchronising when they are in the same space for a period of time used to freak me out completely! In fact, although I used to work in education, very female dominated area, I don’t think our menstrual cycles ever had a chance to synchronise though because we were sooooo … Read more