She Remembers

She isn’t sure how it happened or when it happened but one day she woke up. She wanted to find the pieces of herself, spread her wings again. She still had a faint memory of them being spread pondering was it in this lifetime or another… she’s not sure but that doesn’t matter. Time and … Read more

Letting Go Of Depression And Choosing Joy

I observe hundreds of emotions bubbling in me throughout the day. Angry, joyous, clear and calm, fed up, hopeless, happy… It wasn’t always like this though. I didn’t used to notice them at all. So it’s a real turn on to notice the presence of all those emotions, acknowledge them, feel them, embrace them and … Read more

The Truest Lifestyle For A Woman…

I care NO MORE if you give me a look because I WON’T hide it. Because it gave me back my sanity when I felt there was no hope and had no idea where to start to solve my life. Because this is how it started, out of need, out of listening to my own … Read more