Understand The Meaning And Use The Power of Your Inner-Summer

Although you may experience your inner-summer during every season, the present season is the optimal time to explore and understand this seasonal energy within you. And each time, the moon is full, these inner-summer energies are rising in you. 

Summer is the time of everything blooming. 

Summer is light. 

Summer is harvest and celebration. 

Summer is about believing in yourself and in your abundance 

Summer is about trusting that all will be rewarded, trusting that life/divine source will conspire on your behalf to achieve your dreams and desires. 

Both spring and summer have high energy. Whilst spring is calling us to be productive, get into gear and use our energy to take action, summer teaches us to manage our energy, and create boundaries so we don’t burn ourselves out. 

In our inner-summer we still feel energetic, creative, positive, full of life, and it is tempting to just keep going through  spring and summer without pausing or taking time to reflect. 

However, summer energy means allowing things to unfold fully, come to fruition as we have given it enough push from our own energy. Things are in momentum and we need to learn to step back and watch things coming to completion on their own. 

Being in abundance is our birthright. I hear this phrase from people so many times and never truly understood till I connected with the summer season energetically. 

Summer is teaching us not to do everything ourselves. It  teaches us to trust that we do not always need to do something to receive. 

In summer time, there is plentitude and abundance wherever you look. Your senses are full, there is so much to take in; everything is available. 

When you walk through nature in summer, when you live life according to the seasons, you’re surrounded with the true meaning of ‘abundance is our birthright’. 

It means that we are part of this seasonal cycle where abundance is naturally available if we are willing to move with the organic flow of life. 

Abundance is our birthright. We can have it if we open our senses and our heart and see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, and sense it.

Summer is calling us to connect with the fundamental truth within us that we are worthy. 

You are enough, loved and taken care of. 

You can have your own way of doing things, your own order, and your own pace. 

Everything is available for you to work things out as your inner-summer connects you with your most creative, productive and energetic self. 

Summer is the time of courageously bringing things to completion, daring to say - ‘it’s done!’. Sometimes the only reasons why we cannot receive our results is because we keep adjusting. 

Summer is acceptance and enjoying the harvest. 

Summer brings an enormous amount of brightness to charge up our self-belief, self-confidence and our zest for life. 

Summer calls us to be fully open and celebrate. 

The long warm summer nights with more light is giving us the opportunity to brighten up our attitude and motivation that we may be able to dip back into when we find ourselves in our inner-autumn and inner-winter. 


Summer corresponds with the FULL MOON. 

Summer is all the light. The moon is reflecting back all the light of the sun with its full surface whilst its other side is fully in the shadow. 

This is how the full moon is reminding us that we don’t need to be perfect, or without flaws to fully shine and be our truest, most abundant and best selves. We can shine all our light with all our shadows present.

In our inner-summer and during the full moon, it is time to shift our view and feel the energy of the sun and embrace the world. This season is teaching us to notice all of our potential, not just in the moment but the future possibilities of our potential. 

Full moon is the halfway point of a complete moon cycle. It is such a curious event because although the moon is full, the moon cycle is only half way through. It is teaching us that we are always more than we think we are, that each time we realise our gifts, another layer of our potentials open up. Expansion is always possible. 

Full moon calls us to pause right in the middle of everything, even if you feel you’re busy and so much to do, you’re called to pause and evaluate, see how far you’ve got. 

At full moon we are given a chance to raise what’s working and what’s not and let go of those that are not, and put our energy where it is most productive and fruitful. 

Full moon is joyful and magical and dark and mysterious. It’s worth a ritual. 

It can be an intense energy so make grounding the most important act of a full moon. During the full moon the best way to ground is through physical movements like nature walking, dancing, yoga, swimming, etc. Movement allows any intense emotion to move through you so that you can stay steady. 

Because of it’s intense energy, the full moon is also about to release. Letting go of what’s not working or what is complete with the intention of making space to receive because we are full of abundance and possibilities, we are complete. 

This is the deepest message of the full moon. 

Summer and full moon corresponds with our ovulation phase and therefore with the MOTHER ARCHETYPE. 

The Mother archetype may be the most complex one out of the four archetypes of the moon. 

The best way to explore this archetype within us is to reflect on the meaning of the word ‘mother’ for ourselves. 

To help your exploration, I would like to ignite you to think about what it would mean for you to be your own mother, to put yourself first, love yourself unconditionally and nourish and nurture yourself. 

This is the biggest  challenge for us women, to learn the skill of self-mothering. 

The mother within us calls us to honour our own growth, and claim our gifts. 

We are on a journey to have clarity on what we truly want and learn to ask for exactly what we need, want and desire. 

Summer is that nurturing mother within us, the part of us that knows that we need to fuel ourselves before we can do the same for others. 

As we immerse ourselves in our inner-summer we can practice feeling our abundance and resourcefulness and giving it all to ourselves first, and realise that we still will have plenty of others and we can let go of our fear of lack. 

The challenge of our inner-summer is that we cannot wait for summer to give us all our abundance unless we choose to step into our fullness. 

Our inner-summer is the time to realise and notice all our gifts. 

It is the time to courageously admire and notice our own potentials and say we’ve got this, we know this, we are capable, and we don’t have to be always doing to enjoy the rewards. 

Dear sister, I call you to just pause and feel that summer feeling. 

Surrender and celebrate how magnificent you are. 

Dance under the full moon

Let all your gifts come to the light  

Enjoy blooming, and realising how abundant and creative and whole you are.


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