The Feminine Shift

In 2016 I was at a big crossroad in my life. I thought I just needed some inspiration or someone to just give me a break...  Instead, I was lead to a totally new and unexpected path. 

A path that is not widely recognised as a recipe for success in our patriarchal world.  
But it is a path that redefines us as a person and as a woman, brings us into our power in the most loving, joyous, even ambitious and fulfilled sense. 

It grounds us and awakens our confidence in our inner-wisdom. 

It teaches us that our womanhood is a journey and worth our time to explore and connect with. 

It teaches us that we cannot overlook nor ignore the feminine aspects of ourselves and of the world anymore. 

We need our innate feminine powers, all of us.

But we women especially, who are born into a female body and defining ourselves as women, have the responsibility to cultivate the feminine aspects because our bodies, not as a privilege but as a simple fact, hold the manual of the feminine wisdom and waiting for us to decode it so that we, all children of Mother Earth can anchor back into our feminine aspects.


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