Simple Daily Moon Water Practice

Apart from the importance of hydration for our physical wellbeing, there is an energetic significance to drinking water. You can add more purpose to it. You can do it with intention. 

Think about it for a moment, we do drink water every day. It is an action that you take with absolutely no extra effort, so why not leverage from this action in more ways and levels to your highest benefit. 

First of, the moon is reminding and teaching us about our cyclical nature, that everything moves in cycles, and the water is a great symbol of these cyclical movements within us:

  • the ebbs and flows of our emotions and energy levels
  • our intuitive abilities to tune into what's beneath the waves
  • our innate abilities to cleanse and heal 
  • our feminine powers to give life and nurture as no life can be created nor sustained without water. 

The moon also influences the waters of Mother Earth and we are part of these energetic movements. 

And as our physical body is made up of 60% of water, you can build a daily practice to channel the connected power of the waters and the moon within you, leverage from this organic energetic flow daily. 

You can tune into and align with these powerful forces using water to amplify your energy, vibration, and alignment with yourselves and the whole. 

This is a simple practice which becomes powerful because we understand the connection between our body, the moon and waters on planet earth, and because we drink with intention and mindfulness. 

We simply are using the symbology of the water and also the daily consistent action of drinking water to help us to channel our thoughts, feeling emotions and channel  our attention where we want to put our focus and energy. 

Here is  the foundation of this practice which you can use either as a new moon or full moon practice: 

  • Each night, fill a glass or water bottle with water.
  • Write an intention or a power word /emotion on a piece of paper and stick it onto the glass. 
  • Each morning, when you wake up, there will be the water AND your words/intentions on it. So whatever you mood you wake up in, the glass of water and your chosen words will help you to flow your mind back where you want your focus to be. 
  • And as you drink, imagine how that intention/desire/emotion/power word is flowing through you, filling you up, bringing you into alignment. 



If you use this as a new moon practice, begin at new moon and do it every day till full moon. 

As a new moon practice it is all about moving towards your intentions, filling yourself up with the momentum you need towards your intentions/desires. 

Observe each day how the moon is growing and picking up momentum as it is waxing, and as you drink your water each morning, allow yourself to align with the momentum of the moon. 

Each morning as you connect with your intention through the water, have an expectation to be filled with energy and momentum as well, and follow any inspiration as a result to take action. 



If you use this as a full moon practice, begin at full moon, and do it every day till the moon cycle ends.

As a full moon practice, it is all about releasing and cleaning, letting go of something. 

Take a moment to reflect what you want to let go of, cleanse away, release. Then, imagine how it would feel, look like for you when you have already released it. 

What is the end result, the emotion you woul get once it is released? Write that end result on your paper, for example: 

'I am a clear channel for love'

'I have clarity and wisdom inside me'

Or 'I am healed, I am light, I am open to receive all that is love' 

Each morning when you drink your water, imagine how the water is clearing and cleansing you from the inside out making space for that desired outcome you have written on your paper. 


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