Rooting Into Sisterhood

Words have power.
Words have energy.
When we speak, we speak not just the words but the energy of them that is mixed with our energy too.
We can communicate the right energy, the one that we are aligned with when we pause to root into the words instead of using them for the sake of a trend.
Especially in the spiritual world where things can be somewhat intangible by nature, and living in this age of information, it is essential to root into the energy and power that is for the highest benefit of all.
So come with me, take a pause and ponder this word - SISTERHOOD - and all its power.
Because sisterhood is not just a word.
It is power.
Feminine power.
It is energy.
Creative energy.
Sisterhood is a word that holds a n entire story, a journey through centuries.
A story we are here to re-explore and root back into so that we can pick up the correct storyline and add the best next chapter we can.
And our world needs new stories.
The new stories will come from us meaningfully putting the words together.
This new podcast episode is about picking up the thread so that we can pick up the pen and write our next chapter with purpose (in sisterhood).

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