Ride And Journal With The Moon

Your body is your guide.

Your body is your compass.

Your body is your storyteller.

Your body is your filter.

Your body is your cauldron of transformation.

Your body is where your soul chose to be for her earthly journey.

Your soul is communicating, through your body, all the wisdom that you need in your lifetime, and your job is to decode the messages.

Your body is your gateway to fulfilling your soul’s purpose 

And what is the key guiding message from your body?

You. Are. Cyclical.

So is Mother Earth.

So is Grandmother Moon.

So is Nature.

So is Life.

When you sync and live with the moon cycles, you create the deepest mind-body connection you can as a woman and a powerful interaction with your soul. 

Following the moon is the spiritual and emotional aspects of your cyclical nature!!

And since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, when you as a woman connect with your cyclical nature, and your cyclic intelligence through following the moon….MAGIC!!!! A whole new level of you is revealed to you...

This is what we are talking about in this podcast episode. 


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