New Moon In Aquarius - Intuitive Insight - 11th February 2021

Like jumping into a fresh clear lake

Being splashed with the first colder sprays of a morning shower

This is how this Aquarius new moon is waking us up

Spurring us into the promise of the new cycle, the year fully ahead of us,

Into the peachiness of the spring coming. 

My dear ones, you haven’t missed anything, you are not late, you are not behind. 

You are right where you are supposed to be. 

Trust this moment. It is all just beginning. 

The water bearer of the Aquarius is rejuvenating us with life-giving water. She is waking up our senses, our creativity, our inspiration.  

Let your juices flow, awaken from the inside out. 

Feel the invention and innovation flowing through your mind, body and soul, these are all the powers of the Aquarius combined with the energy of the new moon, which in itself, is always about reset, renew, reboot, and rebirth. 

Enjoy this and celebrate this momentum. This cycle is leading us out of winter and into spring in the northern hemisphere. 

What a beautiful new moon! 

Feel that uplifting energy, immerse in wonderment and possibilities. 

Time to dream, and dream big because Aquarius always heralds evolutions and expansion. Harness this moment. 

Enjoy this new moon!

It is true that our human self  find the new and the uncertain a bit eekie and uncomfortable. We rather stay with what we know because it gives us this perceived security. 

But this time, with this new moon, we can step above this human fear, and allow our soul self to lead us. 

Go out in nature and connect with water, envision the water bearer pouring the water, and imagine she is pouring clarity, confidence, joy, creativity, and whatever you desire into you and into your life. 

Receive it. Fill yourself up for the next cycle with whatever you need. 

So take a moment and think about what you need and set the intention to receive it. 

This is the time to flood ourselves with hope and joy. There is so much we can create if we choose to believe. 

We can let go of the heaviness of our human self for a moment and use this new moon to clear away all that is weighing us down from moving forward. New moon is not just about creating but accepting a clean slate. 

Accepting that the past is in the past and EVERYTHING is possible. 

This aspect can make a new moon emotional as we let go of the old. I am inviting you to feel all the feels but in a comfortable, gentle way, in a relaxing space and time to reflect, like during a hot bath, or sitting down to journal with a hot chocolate, or listening to gentle music and contemplating curled up on the sofa. 

Do the inner-work of this new moon in a way that leads you to connect with your dreams and desires and set you off for an exciting and high-vibe new cycle.

Enjoy this new moon and if you would like to sit in a new moon ceremony led by me on the 11th of February 8pm UK time, message me. 

Love and moon light 

Diana xxx


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