Moon Insights for Full moon in Scorpio on the 26th April 2021

My moon insights are energetic, shamanic intuitive channeled insights as opposed to astrological insights.

The moon is a collective experience, meaning, the moon is the same all around the world. There is no difference between the northern or southern hemisphere. It is full moon energy EVERYWHERE on the planet at the same time. 

This wave of energy covers our entire planet, it is a grid we’re all part of.

The energetic portals of Grandmother Moon are available to all. Calling us all into the circle at the same time. It is a sister-gathering vortex. 

There is a lot happening right now in our world, there is more moving than for a long while. All of a sudden all that energy is in movement. It may feel a bit too much with a full moon occurring at the same time bringing so much light to the current situation. 

It is also helpful, helping us to adjust to the higher energy by calling us to pause and evaluate, to take steps with care and slow our pace, although we might want to jump full in. 

It is a super full moon meaning it is closest to earth and it will look really big. 

Super moon means super energy, super waves, super amplification, super insightful, super high charge.... read the full channeled message here