How To Stay Grounded And Connected With Yourself Using The Moon

Do you find that the hecticness or the mundaneness of life throw you off your own rhythm and path?

Do you find it hard to stay consistently grounded and connected to your own inner-wisdom? 

Do you wish you could have a steady point that could ALWAYS  help you to stir yourself back to you? AND keep you in that grounded and connected state?

This is where the moon can help you. Being that steady point of groundedness for you to follow, and that inspiration to draw out your inner-wisdom to your full awareness, creating clarity every step of the way. 

I share with you the three layers of how this grounding energy can

  •  guide you within your own awareness, 
  • or expanding you into the external world 
  • or help you to descend deeper into yourself for healing and transformation. 
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